If you need help with finding creative meeting ideas to impress your attendees or specific guidelines on how to organize employee events to engage with your team, or if you need advice about building the right learning process for attendees at your conference, you must read this week’s articles! They are chock-full of valuable information you can actually put into practice! Take a look!

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creative-meeting-ideas-worth-stealingCreative Meeting Ideas You Can Benefit From

Meeting trends come and go, but some may well just stay longer than others. An idea that really stuck is providing napping opportunities for attendees. The idea was recently implemented at the National Automobile Dealers Association’s 2015 Convention and Expo and was very well-received. People often complain about not getting enough sleep and going to a conference only adds up to the sleepless hours. Allowing for a few minutes to doze off while being at the event and having an infrastructure that supports napping is one great idea meeting planners might want to consider for their future events. Take a look at some other creative meeting ideas that would take attendees by surprise!

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how-to-build-an-email-listHow to Build and Increase Your Email List

Building a large email list has never been easier than today when powerful content is constantly attracting subscribers. Since converting subscribers to paying customers is our ultimate goal, finding effective ways of generating more subscribers is a smart approach. Providing users with valuable gated content is one sure way to getting their email addresses. The more content you offer for a single email address exchange, the higher the chances of subscribing. Some have experimented with offering bundles of 15 content pieces that turned out to be much more successful than an individual piece of content. Bringing users to the landing pages offering access to valuable content needs to be done by creating enticing calls-to-action. Words like “free”, “become”, “better” are known to increase the conversion rates, so you need to experiment with your calls-to-actions along these lines. Tapping into the total reach of the already built list can also be a powerful lead generator, especially when the numbers are high. Here are many more useful tools and techniques you can use to build a big email list!

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employee-eventsSuccessful Ways to Create Meaningful Employee Events

Planning employee events is one great way of keeping your team happy and loyal. Not just one or two events per year will do the trick, but regular activities that bring people together either to have fun or to support a common cause. These events are likely to help employees get to know each other better and even interact from human to human rather than from colleague to colleague. When the events are about celebrating their good performances, employees feel appreciated for the hard work they did for the company. Running internal events can be as creative and demanding as running external ones. Here are some great ideas on how to create meaningful experiences for your employees through events!

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Questions-to-Ask-Your-Attendees-at-RegistrationImportant Things You Should Know about Your Attendees

The information collected in the registration stage of an event is one important step in providing attendees with a good experience. Besides basic contact information and accommodation requirements, you need to add specific questions during registration that will help you adjust your services and build meaningful connections. Asking attendees about their main reasons for participating at your event will give you a clear idea of what personalized messages they will resonate with. Also, finding out which is their arrival time will help you plan the appropriate number of check-ins and staff members on-site to deal with the stream of guests. Here are other important registration questions you should find the answer to from each of your attendees!

social-media-influencers25 Social Media Top Influencers You Can Learn From

If you want to build solid knowledge of social media and content marketing, there are plenty of top resources out there. One sure way to learn, though, is by following the best people in the industry. They have vast experience in the field and have achieved notable successful results. They’ve demonstrated both in theory and in practice that they know what they’re talking about when it comes to social media content and marketing. They have written on-topic best-sellers, started up successful businesses and are constantly in the spotlight by giving keynote speeches at high-profile events throughout the year. Meet 25 of the social media top influencers you absolutely must follow!

silent-eventsWhy Silent Events Can Be Successful

Events are loud by default. More often than not, music at high volume is involved. You have to admit it: you expect from an event to be noisy! Lately, we’ve been reading about some creative meeting ideas that really shook these expectations. Surprisingly, there are atypical events that take place in silence. Silent disco is one of them. People are given wireless headsets they can use to hear whatever music is playing. This way, they can speak to each other in their normal tone of voice, without the screaming you would be forced to use in a traditional disco. Plus, there’s not to worry about disturbing the neighborhood with loud noises coming out from the event venue. Here are two more successful ideas of running silent events!

creative-brainstormingHow to Spark Creative Ideas While Brainstorming

Even though we tend to see it as a fun activity, a brainstorming session can easily become one of those meetings people are reluctant to attend. But these sessions are meant to be creative, and we first need to get into that creative mood before starting to come up with good ideas. Making it all feel like a play helps with that mindset. Starting the meeting with improvisation games or word plays can prepare our minds for the bigger play. Mind that relaxation and laughter create just the type of atmosphere that unleashes our creativity. Besides games, mind mapping also helps with generating new ideas thanks to the ability to visualize the process and to easily build up and break ideas. Check out other effective ways of producing innovative ideas while brainstorming!

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productivity-hacksHow to Boost Creativity and Productivity by Hacking Your Brain

Both creativity and productivity help us achieve our goals easier. Everybody is on the lookout for yet another app to help us better manage our time or increase our focus at work. But the truth is that we don’t necessarily need an app to boost our creativity or productivity as they can be influenced from inside our minds. Sometimes we just need to distance ourselves from the problem to find its solution. We can do that either by thinking of it in a more abstract way as if it belonged to somebody else or by physically adding distance through taking a break and setting ourselves into a better mood. Read more to find other helpful psychological techniques to regain our productivity and creativity!

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social-stories-eventsInnovative Way of Capturing the Pulse of the Crowd at Any Event

Seen.co is the first place on the web where you can see and measure the social buzz created around any event. Based on real-time ranking algorithms, it can automatically search for user-generated social media updates, videos and photos and brings it all in one place. You simply need to search by the event’s hashtag and the collection of stories will lay out before you. Once inside the stories of your event, you can filter the content by using specific keywords. Experience the beauty and value of this tool for yourself!

event-roi-attendeesHow to Design Conferences that Facilitate Learning

One of the most important goals of joining a conference is learning. Unfortunately, most conferences today focus on presentations where the speakers talk at length on their topic without interacting that much with their audience. This way of holding presentations is not helping attendees assimilate the new information, not to mention apply it. Focusing our efforts in designing conferences in such a way that they allow for an actual learning experience should be our top priority. Making use of creative meeting ideas and designing presentations so that 50% of a speaker’s time is for questions, discussions, and reflective exercises should be at the core of any conference. Keep on reading to find more information on the social learning process attendees go through at conferences!

What do you think of these meeting ideas? How would you encourage and facilitate learning at a conference? Would you go to a silent event if you had the chance? Do silent seminars seem like a good idea to you? How would you spark the interaction between attendees in this case? Leave us your comments in the section below.

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