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Corporate Meetings: Two words can serve as inspiration or dread. In an effort to drum up employee support and invigorate sales efforts, companies do what they can to keep their staff engaged in their identity, their values, and their products. But, usually… they fail. From boring 1,000+ person conference calls to the yawn-worthy theater style seated presentation (not everyone can make a power point be as thrilling as Apple’s product announcements), there are endless stories of meetings gone awry.

The companies that know how to maximize their employees time while also cultivating loyalty for their brand are the ones that understand the basic human need for engagement. Check out some of the ways that companies are creating unique experiences using entertainment to shore up employee morale.

Fun Corporate Entertainment

The Denver-based accounting firm Ehrhardt Keefe Steiner & Hottman segments their employees into ‘neighborhoods’ by floor and area, hosting a “Neighborhood Basketball Game” in which teams make up their own identities: jerseys, mascots, names, etc… This is a great way to keep your structure flat and to allow groups to collaborate across their own business units.

Product Launch Live!

Olympus TonightAs a part of the Best Buy’s national sales meeting, one of their suppliers, Olympus Imaging America, was prepping the Best Buy team for the release of their new Olympus PEN E-PL1 and Stylus Tough cameras. To achieve this, they hosted 16 sold out “tapings” of Olympus Tonight!, an imitation of the late night talk show a la Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman that hired NYC based comedian serving as host, audience participation, a Top 10 list and more. This event received rave reviews from the Best Buy teammates and Olympus certainly got their branded message across.


Over the Top National Sales Meetings

Two of the nation’s leaders in retail created an annual sales meeting that rivals arena concerts and Oprah’s favorite things all in one!

Taylor SwiftTarget Corporation hosts their annual sales meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota for 14,000 of their corporate and retail employees. This was hosted in a namesake arena, the Target Center, and took advantage of their corporate relationships and access to entertainment partners to produce a show-stopping program including a new partnership launch with TOMS shoes presented by the founder and CEO of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie. This meeting was capped off by performances from Taylor Swift and Coldplay, marking an incredible corporate experience that keeps Target employees eager to attend the next years meeting.

Another giant in retail, Walmart, uses their star-studded program to dull the sting of a 4-hour corporate sales meeting. Thousands poured into a stadium at the University of Arkansas to engage in stakeholder conversations, board votes, employee concerns, all the while being entertained by artists like Pharrell, Robin Thicke, Florida Georgia Line and more. They showcase celebrity CEO’s like Yahoo!’s Marissa Mayer and the son of Walmart Founder and current chairman, Rob Walton in a hopeful effort to improve employee morale (despite the rising wave of protests over wages).

Walmart Shareholders Meeting

Here at Endless Entertainment, we throw dynamic and engaging award ceremonies for our client’s recognition programs that truly meet their identity. For our client Govig, a talent requisition group, we leveraged the double entendre of a headhunter by creating a tribal theme with glass skull awards, flames on the red carpet, and tribal dancers and beats!

Between inter-office activities, creative brand launches, and extravagant concerts and showcases, corporate meetings have the potential to remind employees that their companies care about their experience and value their hard work.

Now, whether it works or not, is something to question. “Taylor Swift AGAIN?” says one Target Employee. Spoiled much?

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