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It was Global Meetings Industry Day a while back so we peeked into the corporate meeting trends and statistics that have shaped the past year.

One of the top influencers for the industry was TED which forever changed the speaker-audience format worldwide. Another highlight is that the number of event-related careers is growing due to the sheer popularity and effectiveness of meetings as both marketing tools and revenue opportunities.

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Here’s How the Meetings Industry Changed around the World

Change occurs in every corner of the meetings industry, but they tend to just be concentrated around specific but important areas. These niches are explored in this year’s Global Meetings Industry Day. Market integration and globalization are of course at the top, since innovation and competition comes from all over the world. At the same time, several regions have made their mark as “innovation hubs”, specializing in infrastructure, jobs, and intellectual capital. Technology, a perpetual driver, has pushed the events industry into a new era of web and mobile. Finally, there’s the “TED Factor”, where the influence of this knowledge-sharing platform pervades the way knowledge is shared during meetings around the world.

Create Well Planned Q&A Sessions 

Q&A sessions at conferences are a great way to keep your audience engaged. That is if they are done well! Often we see Q&A hastily thrown together without much of a plan. This will not give you the results you want at best by not preparing you are in for an unpredictable ride. You can do better! In order to have a truly engaging Q&A session, you need a plan!  This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to organize successful Q&A sessions at your next conference. From the timing and prepping your moderators, down instructing your AV team on the details this comprehensive guide has you covered.

Must-Know Statistics about the Meetings

While the meetings industry is primarily hinged on real people and their experiences, it is undeniable that data is also a primary factor in its evolution. From another article about Global Meetings Industry Day, several data points point to highlight key trends in the industry. Among these is the news that event job growth outpaces the average rate by 4%, owing to the sheer number of meetings they serve (more than 5,000 each day!). There’s also now a price tag on the direct spending associated with events: $325B! That’s not yet counting the $95.6B paid to event workers in salary. Read about these numbers and more and get a feel for how the events industry is growing.

Sure-Fire Ways to Engage Audiences

Events are only as successful as the audience’s level of participation. Thankfully there are sure-fire ways to pique your audience’s interests and immerse them in the program! One good way is to invite contributions like questions, comments, feedback far in advance. You can use these to learn what will best resonate with the attendees during the live event. Of course, “contributions” also mean user-made creative content that can be featured on the day itself. Make sure to prepare surprises as well, and to understand just what figures you are gunning for a truly successful event.

Event job growth outpaces the average rate by 4%, owing to the sheer number of meetings they serve (more than 5,000 each day!) Click To Tweet

Online Event Marketing Techniques

While nothing impacts the image of brands more than face-to-face marketing, online searches also do a great deal of confirming or denying the impressions of potential customers about a brand. This is why it’s important for a marketer to manage the reputation of the event online, especially when it comes to ratings and reviews. Social media and blogs are also important fronts that will play a great role in predicting the success of your event. This comprehensive guide contains several ideas you could use to jumpstart your online marketing techniques, so your next event can be a complete success.

Traveling Abroad? Take Note of These Tips

Aside from the risks of travel itself, going abroad can be a bit risky if you’re not careful. This guide contains tips to make sure this doesn’t happen, covering various topics from health and weather to culture. You’ll also know the best ways to make sure you have a line home, and to make sure you don’t spend too much overseas. From knowing when to ask for extra ketchup to knowing when to bust out your unit converter app, this guide is a must-read before you hop on the plane for your next business flight.

Choosing Your Event Software Might Be Harder Than You Expect

For many professionals joining the event software bandwagon, there are many potential gains event automation can provide. But these gains may also blind you about the negative effects of a poorly-chosen tool. The best way to go about this is to build a team of experts. They can draft the goals of the software project and who will talk with potential vendors. This same team will conduct the reviews, make the decisions, and brief the rest of the team to make sure they are aligned with the project. It sounds like a long process, and it could be. But in the end, it’s definitely worth it!

Of all the factors in an event, food appears to be the one that can drive satisfaction the most. Click To Tweet

Caution! Give Your Menu a Twice-Over

Of all the factors in an event, food appears to be the one that can drive satisfaction the most. However, creating a good menu is never easy. It’s important to understand not just how the food would look and taste, but also its side effects. Always account for allergens and other dietary restrictions. This means reaching out to the attendees early on about their food choices. It also means keeping a close collaboration with the kitchen team. Being transparent about the ingredients can also go a long way.

You Don’t Have to Handle Entertainment Management

Event managers tend to take the brunt of all things event-related. But those in the industry would know that managing event entertainment is a completely different story. From the process of scouting talents to coordinating the schedule, there are just too many things to take care of. This is the perfect reason to bring in entertainment managers into the play. They’ll make sure the fun part of the event goes smoothly!



When it comes to hiring talent, it’s best to trust the experts. Who’s your go-to agency when you need ambassadors and entertainment?

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