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Corporate event planning can be a daunting task, especially if it’s on top of your already jam-packed schedule. That said, it’s can also be a fun endeavor where you can try out new food, discover exciting venues and even exercise your designing skills a bit.

If corporate events are your thing, check out this week’s roundup of corporate event planning ideas for a few tips for organizing these kinds of occasions. And don’t forget to use our free event planning checklist to make your life easier!

Infocomm Center Stage Is Coming up Fast

Creativity is a very crucial factor in the events industry, and it helps to have a venue where creativity can flow to inspire. Infocomm is that and more, featuring leading thinkers and advocates of groundbreaking techniques from various fields. It’s the perfect way to get a grasp of just how powerful the industry has become! Infocomm is set to light up Las Vegas starting June 6, and while you’re there make sure to drop by the North Hall, in booth N1646, to join free sessions on everything from AR, convergence, ethics, experiential marketing, and more!


Follow the Best by Checking out These Blogs

There’s no better way to learn than to see how the masters do it. Fortunately, in the events field, the very best tend to write and share their experiences for the world. It’s just a matter of curating which is which, and which you should read. This list contains 20 must-follow blogs for the event professional, from well-known brands like Event Industry News and Endless Events (that’s us!) to solo endeavors like Nick Borelli and Michelle Bruno.


Spice up Your Social Space with These Ideas

There’s a reason why “conversation pieces” exist. While it’s in man’s nature to network, it can be done a whole lot better when the space we’re in inspires us to talk and exchange ideas. This is why it doesn’t matter whether you’re investing in a unique layout or an outstanding piece of art for your social spaces. So long as you do it right like MillerCoors did in this showcase, your attendees are going to have a real blast! Hit the sweet spot with the right aesthetics and stunning visuals, and watch as the people effortlessly flow into each others’ rhythm.

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Turn Your Free Events into Blockbusters

Attendance at free events is difficult to gauge because there are no ticket sales to speak of. Pre-registration numbers may be unreliable. But instead of obsessing over how many will come, it might be better to instead focus on what you can do to attract attendees. Use classic techniques like overbooking to compensate for fallouts, or follow basic tips such as getting your word out clearly and succinctly. You can even try unorthodox tricks like charging a small fee. Here are some tried-and-tested ways to keep people coming to your events.


B2B Event Marketing Reloaded

In a Bizzabo study, around 87% of executives believe that live events will be instrumental in their B2B marketing strategy. And while that might be true, you’ll still need to find strategies to make your events meet their ROI. To that end, here are 25 ideas that will help B2B companies stand out in their events. Have you considered how to find (or even design) the perfect venue? How much thought have you put into event giveaways? How about the entertainment, sponsors, and software?


The Latest Guide to Event Promotion

It’s easy to get the word out and run campaigns to drive registration, but doing so effectively isn’t everyone’s strong suit. To succeed, it’s important to take stock of what you already have, from existing communication channels to the data and content used in previous events. Understanding the best way to get your campaign out is also a key factor, along with the use of simple and effective items like your email signature.


What You Should Know for Your Event App

Despite existing technologies, many event organizers still go for the hit-or-miss event app. And by “miss”, we don’t just mean apps that gather the wrong (or useless) type of data, but also those who have vulnerabilities that can put people’s data privacy at risk. To prevent this, it makes sense to ask your app provider whether they are audited and tested for vulnerabilities by third-party experts. It is also important that the app has privacy and access controls at multiple levels so that each user can tailor fit it to his data privacy wants or needs.

Many event organizers still go for the hit-or-miss event app. Click To Tweet


Corporate Events Aren’t Cheap, but They Pay Off

Major events from companies ought to be works of art, what with so many moving pieces all at once. There are so much preparation and brainstorming that goes into them, after all. But once done right, they also turn into the juggernauts of the marketing world. How can you tell if it is indeed “done right”? It all starts with your goals and the people you recruit to bring them to the stage. Of course, there’s the venue, the budget, the guests, the entertainment value, and that big “wow” factor. It’s not easy to nail all that, but this guide should cover all the basics for you.


Conferences for the Family?

How much better would your turnout be if your conference can be seen as a family event? Sure, it might cater to certain groups or professionals, but that doesn’t mean you cannot put in things that would appeal to the families of these professionals. Choosing family-friendly destinations that would give everyone something to enjoy while also taking care of business is an important factor. That extends to finding family-friendly lodgings, and other local options that promote family welfare and enjoyment. You can also make room in your conference schedule for a family-specific talk or event, to give something for everyone to take home.

Instagram for Event Success

Instagram is an amazing event marketing tool, and it only gets better if you know what tools within it to use. In fact, there are third-party apps that can connect to Instagram to supercharge it. There’s Iconosquare, for example, which is perfect for data gathering and projection. Simply Measured is useful in understanding engagement, and Boostable is an advertising must-have. These are just three of the thirteen tools in this handy guide, that’s sure to turn your Instagram into a well-oiled marketing machine.



Have you tried making your event family-friendly? Whether it’s adding activities for the little ones or making couples feel more welcome, we’d love to hear your event hacks for attracting families to your events.



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