Corporate event planning is set to explode this 2017. So to help you prepare for your coming events, we’ve collected a few articles for you. We have everything in our list from (free) event reports and books to read, to event trends and productivity tips.

PS: If you want to wow your audience, you have to turn your event into a full-blown production. Learn about production equipment basics through our fun and easy to follow infographic!

What Will Be 2017’s Most Notable Events?

As events mature in 2017, we will be seeing an increase in exciting new changes in the industry. Most events will have an increasing number of participants, improving variety and diversity in the audience. Here’s a rundown of the things to expect as 2017 events roll in, from a bigger-than-ever CES in January to September’s Toronto International Film Festival. Of course, the list also includes the US Presidential Inauguration on January 20.

2017 Event Trends From The Minds of Events Industry Leaders

With the increasing interest in crowdsourcing, getting ideas from other people is fast becoming the norm. That’s probably why this article “crowdsources” the most important questions about next year’s developments in the field of events. Featuring the heads of McCallister Designs, Convene, and Social Tables, the discussion brings up twelve trends that will shake up events as we know it — from virtual reality to the boom in “mini” events.

Learning from UK’s Top Events People

Last December 6, Event Magazine — UK’s top publication dedicated to the events industry — hailed the Top 50 most influential people in the business amidst their Christmas party. The list was topped off by Jonathan Emmins, founder of Amplify. His company has secured a total of nine additional accounts in the past year, including giants such as Airbnb, Jura, and Method.


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The Event Planner’s Essential (Free) Reports List

The events industry often hinges on knowing the trends and numbers and how to make the most of them. That is why it is important to stay updated about the industry. Nowhere can that be done better than through reading reports. You don’t need to spend on expensive subscriptions, too. Here are the five of the most important events reports you should be reading. From the The Good Event Registration Guide to The Event App Bible, you can learn everything you need to know on how to make your event a success.

Ever Considered Providing Event WiFi?

You want your event participants sharing not only text, but pictures and videos. But does your event provide for a facility to do that? Event WiFi is therefore something that you should consider highly for your next event. This article helps you with the important terminology for setting up WiFi for your venue, as well as essential questions you should be asking of your provider. It also gives you the basic WiFi problems you might encounter and how to solve them to ensure a well-connected event.

The Most Helpful Articles for Event Planners

This article from Bizzabo consolidates their five most helpful blog entries that have the potential to give a big boost to your events. Learn strategies such as sponsorship packaging for big brands using the power of content marketing. Also take note of post-event activities you might be missing.


The Best Event Technology Tools of 2016

Event tech has been growing exponentially over the years. Read about the most important technology tools of the past year, and how you can be use them to their fullest. Check out how LISNR can change the way you admit guests to your event, or how Hurdl (and its partner wearable PIXL) can help you gather more data about your attendees. And it’s not all about newcomers, too. Oldies like Facebook are also expanding faster than ever, with new tools and implementations aside from the much-vaunted Facebook Live.

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Hack Your Schedule and Supercharge Your Productivity

We all have 24 hours in a day. But why is it that some people can do more than others? This post gives some really useful advice on how to make yourself more productive throughout the day. From more unorthodox ideas such as cancelling meetings to revisiting common ideas like taking a digital vacation, the article shares various strategies to help you own your time. And it’s not just ideas, there are real examples from productive people to show you it can be done.

Advanced Tips For Business Blogging

In the earlier days, people posted on blogs just to have fun and express themselves. Nowadays, blogs are big money makers, either on their own or as a complement to a standing business. This podcast talks about how to make your business blog work hard for you. Darren Rowse discusses how to use your blog to make your business grow both in traffic and in influence. Learn about various strategies, and develop the finer points of your blog to make it more attractive and profitable.

These Books Should be in Your 2017 Reading List

There are lots of books published each year, but only a few are ever worth your attention. This list from  brings you the most game-changing books to read for your personal development. It’s narrowed that down to an essential 12, covering such diverse topics as surfing, philosophy, disaster, and life in general. Don’t let the topics fool you, though. Each recommended book is a worthwhile read.



It looks like you’re all set to conquer 2017! We’re curious, what are your 2017 event resolutions? Do you want to quadruple your number of events? Or rake in a seven-digit payoff for an event? Or maybe finally get into the top ten list of the best professionals in your area of expertise? Share it with us via the comment section below. We might even be able to help you reach your 2017 event goals.

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