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This week, we’ve selected a few content marketing tip. These will  help you navigate the fast-paced world of digital marketing. To start, you’ll need to get intimately familiar with the new GDPR rule. This is especially true if your main audience online are based in Europe.

There are also a few new rules back home since the FTC released their guidelines for influencer marketing. We also round it all up with our Chief Einstein sharing some of our secrets for doing inbound marketing right.

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Inbound Marketing: Are You Doing It Right?

Many marketers believe they can simply hop on the bandwagon and call their campaign inbound marketing. What does it really take to get customers to come to you instead of going out to court them all the time? The secret lies in not “giving to get”, playing the “long play” and aiming primarily to add value to the business of the customers. In an industry with a very high turnover rate, true inbound marketing comes from building relationships and putting the good of the customer first and foremost. When that’s done, the leads and sales will start rolling in as you will learn in this podcast from our very own Will Curran!

Events Tackle the Importance of Security

Despite all the advances in tech security, the events industry is still figuring out the best way to incorporate it into event planning. From human threats to natural disasters, event professionals are responsible for their audiences safety. Recent events have put this idea to the forefront, seeing the problem as something best solved across the chain, from supplier to client. The event also highlighted the importance of coordination with agencies such as the Red Cross, and the necessity of having contingency plans for all situations. What have you done to secure your events lately?

GDPR and Marketing: Does It Affect You?

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect this coming May 25, striving to answer the problem of handling consumer data for EU countries. It offers standardized steps that will put the control of data back in the hands of individuals, making processes more transparent. Take note that the law covers the entire European continent, regardless of affiliation with the EU. This means that if you engage Europe-based customers in your marketing even if you don’t do business there, you should start reviewing this process carefully. The regulations encompass several aspects, from opting in vs opting out, the coverage of data capture, asking for consent, the “right to be forgotten”, and more.

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Lessons from South by Southwest: Design Ideas

Focus is the name of the game in this year’s South by Southwest, with subtle takes bringing out the best of each brand. Ready Player One’s installation used busts of 80’s icons and concentric glowing rings, while Sony opted for a more surreal feel with cloud formations. Diet Coke, on the other hand, used balloons and a photo booth, while CNN used pillows emblazoned with the words “This is a pillow”. These are just a few of the many examples of how brands harnessed the power of the low-key to bring in huge advertising impact.

Steal This: Top Converting Event Registration Websites

When the most successful brands are doing it, you know it’s something worth looking into. Let’s face it: every event website wants to get people to sign up, but only a select few succeed in raking in registrations each time. What do these sites have? They clearly show what’s in it for the potential registrant, and they have strong call-to-action statements. They also understand what their users love about them, and use this strength to their advantage. Here’s a list of the registration top-performers, so you could steal their style and make your mark!

In Search of Data Privacy Overseas

Lately, the increasing threat against data privacy is something that has caught the eye of many industry experts. While there are a few steps you can take such as using file encryption, the most important link in the security chain is still the human factor. Understanding the corporate data policy and the applicable laws, awareness of potential dangers, and implementing best practices in the way we handle data are the best ways to take care of our information even when overseas.

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Bring on the Surprises for Your Events!

Attendees often already know what to expect during your event. Still, many are keen on discovering unexpected surprised that await them. A recent study spanning more than 300 members of the events industry point to the fact that attendees love the unusual. Perfect examples of this include unique food offerings and unconventional venues. The latter points to the direction of informal settings and even outdoor setups instead of the common theater-style seating. This way, your events can distinguish themselves from the rest and engage their audiences from the get-go.

Tempering the Influence: FTC’s Influencer Guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission has recently reiterated their rules on the proper way influencers should disclose the links they have with the brands they are endorsing. This is an attempt to check the misuse of how popular online personalities endorse products and services. The rules themselves reinforce the idea of transparency and fairness. Will your marketing campaigns be affected by this move? You might have to reword your disclosures a bit, avoiding all ambiguity. Check out this guide to learn more.

Marketing to Millennials 101

Filtering doesn’t just apply to selfies millennials post online. It is also part and parcel of how they deal with their daily lives. This means a lot to marketers from previous generations. This is because they will have to rework how to get their messages across. Millennials are very purpose-oriented. If they cannot see their values in you, then they won’t care about you. They highly value freedom, are wary of “corporate-speak”, and wish to see what you really are behind your brand. Get all these right and you can make anyone from Gen Z listen!



Event profs have a lot in common with millennials (especially if you’re a millennial event professional yourself!). They both value freedom and purpose. Keep that in mind when reaching out to them to ensure that your event marketing efforts are fruitful.

Have you come across any events that are extremely millennial-friendly? How did they turn out? Let us know in the comments!

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