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Best Event Talks: How To Choose The Right Event Technology by Brandt Krueger [VIDEO]

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We’re blessed to be living in the world where event technology is literally at our fingertips. It has never been easier getting organized on the go for event planners.

But with the good comes the bad. There are just too many apps, gadgets and other shiny toys to choose from. What actually makes a certain piece of tech good for your business?

Joining us for this week’s Best Event Talks is Brandt Krueger. He’s a staunch advocate of making event technology work for events and not the other way around. Krueger’s main focus is to make events, “suck a little less, every day.”

In the interview, Krueger said that event planners are caught up way too much with new technology without thinking about how it will affect their business. After all, it’s free and so easy to use, so what’s the harm?

But yes, even free event technology isn’t without its costs. Your team needs to get used to any new tech you add, yet another thing they need to think about during their already busy days. This is why Krueger explains that the goal of the event should come first. Instead of shoehorning new tech to fit an event (we see this way too often lately), only use tech that will help further the event’s goals.

He advocates that event planners should err on the side of using old, reliable event technology. It doesn’t matter if all the cool kids (aka your competition) use the new tech. It doesn’t matter if it worked for a big event your friend managed. It certainly doesn’t matter if you think this tech will be “the next big thing”. What matters is how much it will further your event’s goals such as increasing audience engagement, eliminating production issues and lowering costs.

Of course, this still doesn’t answer our question: how do you pick the right technology for your event? You’ll just have to watch the video and get the full scoop. Check it out below.

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