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The world has been shaken to the very core by something no one was prepared for. And the events industry has been one of the most affected sectors. At this point, it’s safe to say things have changed dramatically. They have changed to the point where event profs everywhere are still trying to figure out what the best strategies are. How can they still offer people unforgettable experiences? What will our industry look like when everything blows over? How will the structures that hold the sector together fundamentally change events? And what will attendee expectations post-coronavirus look like?

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This last question is the one the Brew Crew focuses on this week. Anything and everything is speculation at this point. But it’s still a good exercise to do – what will people expect from the events industry after this? What will attendees look for? Will they reject gatherings for an extended period of time and prefer the virtual counterpart? Or will they jump at the opportunity to go back to in-person networking and events? If you’ve been wondering about all of this, then this is the episode for you. Join our incredible hosts Thuy Diep, Will Curran, Nick Borelli, and Dustin Westling as they discuss what our industry will look like in the future. Grab your favorite drink and press play!

Dustin Westling

Author Dustin Westling

Managing Partner at Calgary-based OneWest Event Design & Logistics. A self-described ‘Senior Millennial,’ Dustin brings his tongue-in-cheek humour and engaged energy to his role as commander-in-chief where he leads a team of talented and talked-about event profs.

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