It’s been a busy season for tech and business lately. From new uses for virtual reality to trendy business tools to Snapchat tips and tricks, you can turn these pieces of information into inspiration for your next event. Check out some of the hottest, most interesting, or just plain puzzling developments in the world of tech!

image002NBA Games Go VR – And Be The First to See It Live

Ever imagined that you can put the NBA and virtual reality together? Neither did we. But NextVR is making it happen by streaming one live game a week in virtual reality in this upcoming season. This has also placed VR participation in live events smackdab in the mainstream. If you want to know how you can be the first to see live basketball games with your VR headset, then you should definitely read this.

image012Virtual Event Planning is Now A Reality

Freelancing and virtual assistance is no new concept. But virtual events planning is. Virtual event planners do exactly that: plan events for clients from the comfort of their own homes. Imagine all the hours you save not commuting! Learn how you can get into this growing business and make a living without even stepping foot in an office.

image006You Won’t Believe How Much This One-Stage Music Festival Costs

Did you think Coachella is the most expensive music festival ever? Think again. AEG Live produced this on-stage musical event featuring superstar artists like Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Neil Young & Promise of the Real, and Roger Waters and Who – costing the event company up to $35 million for their six acts. With hundreds of food stalls and a special four-course dinner for guests, it’s no surprise this music festival needed over $100 million to make happen.

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image008Say Goodbye to Global Meetings?

What happens when you survey expert hoteliers, airlines, and professionals all over the world about their global meeting plans? 2017 seems like a year where fewer and fewer meetings will take place, where big-city venues are no longer the top choice for these events. Surprisingly, it’s got something to do with US elections.

image010Boost Your Project Efficiency With These Awesome Tools

Project managers are known for two things: effectiveness and efficiency. Luckily for them, technology is now on their side. But this begs the question: what are the best tools that you should use? Run your projects and produce more in less time by choosing from the top five project management tools in the market today.

Here Are 6 Ways to Brand Your Business on a Budget

Who says branding has to be expensive? Even companies with limited resources can create campaigns for their business just using whatever’s at hand. Save money while building your brand, using some creativity and fun along the way. All you need to know are these six key steps in branding on a budget.

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image014How To Get More Snapchat Followers In 11 Steps

Snapchat is invading everybody’s smartphones,  businesses included. But everyone knows how difficult it is to grow your followers, given the app’s limited features for discovering brands. Don’t let that a problem. Use Snapchat’s special features – from address books to Snapcode decals – to your advantage and grow your follower base by putting these 11 steps into action.

Is Google Pixel A Threat To Other Android Manufacturers?

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t know about the coming of Pixel, Google’s newest and greatest Android phone to date. From reviews, it’s become quite a phone to be reckoned with. If you don’t know where to start learning about this Phone by Google, no worries. This article has one of the most comprehensive reviews about the Google Pixel, from hardware to software to value for money.

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image016Projectors Get an Upgrade by Ditching Flat Surfaces

Ever heard of projection mapping? It’s the technology that video game companies use to apply textures to 3D images. Developers have created a projector that uses this technique for people to have one less worry. Say hello to a revolutionary way of projecting images – you no longer need a flat screen.


image018The Future of Marketing is in Virtual Reality – Here’s Why

It’s been predicted that millions of people will be hooked on virtual reality, just like how television became the biggest sensation of its time. And you probably don’t want to miss out on that market. VR has become a means to reach customers and audiences all around the virtual and mobile space. The question: how can you ride on this trend?

With everything going virtual, from events to meetings and even event planning, you have to ask yourself: are your prepared for the future?

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