Event Safety

Safety is usually not the result of luck. In order to have a safe event you need to make preparations in advance. It is important to have a process to make the event as safe as possible.

There are a lot of variables when holding an event. A lot can go wrong when large crowds come together and having something go wrong it is the last thing you need or want to happen during your event. Below are some items and points you need to consider when planning an event to ensure safety of all attendees.

Cables and Wires

Cables and Wires need to be secured at events. This is a non-negotiable. All cables on the floor at your event should have a cable ramp. If you do not secure your cables and wires you run the risk of guests tripping and hurting themselves on the cables. This could result in a potential lawsuit that could have been avoidable.

Highly Trained Professional Staff

When putting together events there are a lot of elements that go into the production and execution. Staff will be setting up large structures, lifting speakers into the air, and suspending lights from hanging structures. There are so many variables in event production. Because of this there are many elements that can go wrong. If you do not have a properly trained professional AV and Production team it is more likely elements of your event will go wrong and peoples safety could be at risk.

At Endless Entertainment one of our core values is safety. Because of this we have weekly staff event training where we make sure our stagehands, lighting technicians, sound technicians and event managers are up to and exceeding the industry standards.

Event Safety Guide

Crowd Management 

When creating a safe event you need to choose a knowledgeable venue. Make a checklist of questions to ask the staff prior to booking the venue. Ask if they have evacuation plans, emergency plans, and plans for power outages. They should be able to answer all your questions in terms of event safety and crowd management. Talking to your venue and making sure plans are in place for emergencies will help you be confident the venue and staff will be able to perform the day of your event.

When your event is large enough it is also a good idea to seek outside help from a professional event security service. They will have everything from event security staffing to fencing for your event. When selecting a security service for your event make sure that the staff has been trained in CPR and emergency services and is licensed and bonded.

Need help with your event? Contact us, we will make sure it is not only amazing but safe!

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