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A Complete Tour of the Best Visual Content Marketing Resources, Emerging Trends and Ideas in the Event Industry & Important Features Every Successful Event App Should Have [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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This week Einsteins’ Favorites takes you on a tour of the most valuable visual content marketing resources available. It also highlights new ideas for event professionals to use at their events, from joining the cab sharing app initiative to opting for more exquisite experiences in terms of food, beverages, furniture and more!

visual-marketing-content-guideA Complete Tour of the Best Visual Content Marketing Resources

If there is anything you want to know about visual content marketing, you’ll surely find it in this well-documented library of articles by Social Media Examiner. You’ll find out every important piece of information relating to infographics, the best image size to use for each social platform, visual content apps to create eye-catching images and videos and much more. Also, you’ll have access to valuable resources about brands that capitalized on the power of visual content and used it successfully to tell stories and build communities around them. Keep reading and let yourself immersed into this vast visual content marketing library!

alternative-dining-experienceEmerging Trends and Ideas in the Event Industry

Event planners always team up with different vendors to organize their events. Depending on the event, they can be looking for a stylish venue, a less conventional meeting space, personalized furniture items as well as innovative food and beverage experiences. People in the event industry understand that attendees are not easily impressed and come up with creative ideas for the services they provide. For example, the trend of culinary tours is currently taking shape as an option for teambuilding activities and corporate outings. While traveling to specific destinations, the participants enjoy various tasting opportunities, and they also get to be involved in the cooking activities. Take a look at more new products and ideas event professionals should know about!

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cab-sharing-appHow Cab Sharing Helps Attendees Make New Connections

Attendees are always encouraged to connect even before the event starts. If you could mostly connect via social apps until now, you now have access to a cab-sharing app that may give you the possibility to share a ride with an attendee fellow. You get to split the costs and most likely you get to add a new contact to your network. Check out how this app works and which convention centres have successfully joined it so far!

mobile-event-appImportant Features Every Successful Event App Should Have

By 2016, it is expected that 86% of the US planners will be using mobile event apps. No matter the numbers, the decision to have an event app should mainly depend on whether the app is adding value to the attendees’ experience or not. Apart from providing basic information about your event, the app should be user-friendly and enable attendees to form a closed online community related to the event where they can share useful information, photos and ask questions. Sponsors can also engage with the attendees by posting messages that are pinned to the top of the feed. In this way, event organizers have a chance to increase their revenues and also to bring higher value to their sponsors. Here is a great checklist to consider when thinking to add a mobile app to your event strategy!

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improve-morning-routineHow to Start Off Your Mornings the Right Way

Starting your morning right makes you feel better all through the day, and it can also set you on productive mode. Getting up as soon as the alarm goes off and reinvigorate your body through different ways is a healthy routine to stick to. Forget about the snooze button, stretch and exercise first thing without delay, look for protein-based breakfast recipes and let your room be invaded by light. These are just some of the ways in which you can step away from sleepiness and embrace an active and energetic feeling that will last throughout the day. Here is how you can start having a healthy morning routine!

public-speaking-preparation-tipsHow to Leverage Your Emotions Before a Big Presentation

Being a speaker can be tough especially when you feel nervous and anxious before delivering the speech. You can learn to control your anxiety and direct it towards powering up an engaging, meaningful presentation. Among the first things you should do before the presentation starts, is to have a positive talk with yourself and reassure your confidence in the subject you’re going to cover. Along the same lines, you should have in mind only positive thoughts and images to lower the stress you’re going through. Another strategy you can practice is to meet your audience and start talking with some of the people that will be attending. It will help you get familiar with some of the faces and speaking in front of them will seem more personal and relaxed. Check out these practical tips on how to be in control when speaking publicly!

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portent-content-idea-generatorHow to Easily Generate Content Ideas for Your Blog

Finding a good topic to write about for your event planning blog is half the battle in winning your audience. Crafting the headline is the other half. Portent comes to our help by providing both an idea generator and a grammatically correct title for our next post. You only need to introduce the keyword you want to write about and start generating endless possibilities. You can stop whenever you feel you have found the winning title. Check out Portent website and find there the inspiration you’re lacking!

female-public-speakerHow to Ensure the Success of Your Public Speaking Event

For an event to be successful, everything from venue to meals and entertainment should be flawless. An important share of the event’s success is also dependent on the quality of the keynote speeches, breakout presentations and panel discussions. To ensure better engagement with the audience, meeting planners have the option to consider a public speaking coach, who can help speakers deliver clear and consistent messages. Keep reading to find out more on how hiring a public speaking coach can improve your event experience!

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good-sleepWhat We Should Do to Sleep Better

How we sleep influences how we go through the next day. When we don’t sleep well, not only we become less productive, but we can become irritable and moody, not exactly a pleasant presence for those around us. So, what can we do to improve our sleep? To begin with, we should go to sleep only when we feel tired and not become stuck into a routine that works against us. Also, we should stop worrying about bad sleep-induced problems and leave aside all the negativity that comes with this type of thinking. Being active during the day will also ensure a good sleep appetite, especially when combined with some relaxation techniques such as guided imagery or meditation. Follow more of these great recommendations to help you get a good night’s sleep!

graphic-designer-at-workHow to Create Better Graphics for Your Blog Posts

The way we manage the visual content marketing of our blog posts is critical for making them popular and widely shared on social. Regardless of whether we are using header images or in-post pictures or both, there are a few steps for creating compelling visuals without being an expert in graphics. In fact, we need to make four key decisions before coming up with some good-quality graphics. Apart from finding a nice picture to illustrate our main point, we should decide on the color scheme and the font type we’ll be using. Deciding further on whether or not to add more design elements such as icons, patterns, brushes or shapes depends on everyone’s creativity. Take a look at this quick guide on visual content marketing including tips on how to create engaging visuals and online resources for every design element you may need.

What other online resources for visual content would you suggest? Are there any best practices you successfully applied so far? Please leave your comments in the section below.

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