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I once heard an ancient proverb and it goes something like, “Behind every successful event is a few newly-sprouted gray hairs, and a stressed out event planner.” Okay, I just made that up but come to think of it, we always get a bit stressed, to say the least, after an event, regardless of how successful it is.

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Every event has its last-minute problems, which in turn is what imposes stress. That’s a good thing though, since stress is how the body helps us solve problems. Stress hormones let us access our energy reserves, increasing our strength, endurance and focus to tackle the challenge at hand.

But stress is also a contradicting phenomenon as it can be extremely tolling on the body and mind. Many times, our stress levels remain irregular after the problem is resolved. What we need is a quick way to de-stress afterward so we can get back to our-cheery-selves. Let me share a few ways I cope with stress after a hectic event:

1) Climb a flight of stairs.

One way, to de-stress, is by exercise, and one of the easiest ways to do so is by climbing a floor or two via the stairs, even when the only thing your feet may be telling you is “Please, take the elevator.” If you’re outdoors, a short walk also accomplishes the same thing. Exercise gets your blood flowing which washes away those stress hormones.

2) Surround yourself with plant life.

I’ve never met a gardener who’s stressed out, so you know this may actually work. Take a break and visit the greener part of your venue, take in the fresh air and the scenery to refresh yourself.

3) Breathe in deep.

Have you noticed that when you’re stressed, you take shorter breaths? That’s because your body needs more oxygen during this time to activate your energy reserves. Counter this by taking deep breaths so that your body will think that it’s time to destress. After a few breaths, you’ll feel more relaxed and back to normal once more.

4) Relive a favorite vacation.

This is one of my favorites, and also one of the easiest to do. Just visualize any one of your favorite vacations, those that made you forget about all your worries. Once you’re there, your stress magically disappears just as if you were on vacation. I like this the most because you can do this almost anywhere, instantly, and all expenses paid right in your head.

5) Listen to your favorite music.

Sometimes everything you need to destress is already in your pocket. Whether you stream your music or save it on your phone, listening to your favorite tunes is a quick way to relieve stress. For me, enjoying an upbeat sound is a sure fire way to flip my mood from bad to glad.

6) Eat a bit of dark chocolate.

It’s hard to be calm on an empty stomach, so grabbing a bite is a step in the right direction. Dark chocolate in particular was found to reduce stress levels in one study. It’s also the healthier alternative, full of antioxidants that we all need.

Don’t fancy to indulge in chocolate? Here are a few other foods that also help fight stress:

  • Bananas, oranges, avocados and blueberries
  • Chamomile tea
  • Yogurt and milk
  • Cashews, almonds and walnuts
  • Sushi, especially tuna and salmon

7) Take a short nap.

Naps are like a reset button. After a nap, your body goes back to its normal state which also means that your stress hormones are cleaned out of your system. A quick 2-minute nap will not only remove stress, it also refreshes your brain so you can solve any problems with a clear mind.

Stress is good because it helps us power through problems, but it’s also bad if we don’t de-stress quickly. Do any of these quick and easy stress relievers, and you should be feeling your best after any event, no matter how hectic it gets.

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