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Ever get that feeling in the afternoon when everything seems to go by in slow motion? I thought I just wasn’t focusing hard enough on work. As it turns out, all I needed was a small snack to bring my energy back up.

And to make the most out of my snack, I’ve made it a point to evaluate what I eat based on the following:

  • High energy. The food should keep on giving me energy until the end of the day. Nothing sugary or caffeinated.
  • Portable. It should be handy so that I can eat it in the office or when on location.
  • Healthy. Less junk, more natural. I don’t want something that gives me energy today but beats me up tomorrow.
  • Satisfying. Something filling since I don’t want my belly grumbling to distract me from work.
  • Tasty. I’d want to enjoy my food as well, and I know you do too.

I’ve discovered that there are a lot of foods that fit what I need, and I’m here to share a few of my discoveries with you. Here’s 7 good, high-energy foods to help you deal with your daily todos:

1) An Ounce of Almonds or Walnuts

I admit, I’m nuts for nuts. It’s got all the right stuff: protein to keep me filled, natural oils that make it tasty, and healthy omega-3 and magnesium for my heart and circulation. I also like that it seems to keep forever, perfect as an emergency snack. Want to mix it up? Try other nuts too, like pistachios or cashews.

2) A Cup of Greek Yogurt, with Fruit

It’s like tangy ice cream that’s good for you, which is probably why I always keep some stocked up at home. It’s filling by itself but I usually add fruits like blueberries for an even healthier snack. Fun fact: yogurt is okay to eat at room temperature so don’t worry if you leave it on your desk for too long. It’s best eaten chilled though.

3) A Banana with Smidge of Peanut Butter

One of my favorite high-energy food team ups, even as a kid. The banana gives you potassium (for focus), tryptophan (for good mood) and pectin (for digestion). Peanut butter, on the other hand, has protein (keeps you fuller longer) and vitamin E (for resilience). Just make sure to get peanut butter that doesn’t have sugar added.

4) 1-2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Boil it, peel it, store it, grab it. I love how portable eggs are. It also keeps for up to a week in the fridge, so boiling several eggs in one go is no problem. And It’s full of protein, vitamins and most especially, choline. Choline turns into acetylcholine, a brain chemical important for focus and learning. 

5) 1/4 Cup Hummus and Veggies

It might surprise you but I only discovered hummus a few years ago. I thought to myself, “Where has this been all my life?” Chickpeas, the main ingredient of hummus, is a great source of healthy fats and protein. Dip in some crunchy vegetables like celery or carrot sticks, and you get a tasty, high-energy food that’s sure to fill you up.

6) A Stick of String Cheese

Portable mozzarella, who would have thought? It’s like having a pizza in your pocket. Well, close enough. Cheese is surprisingly filling since it has a lot of protein in it. It was all the nutrients you find in milk so you get calcium, vitamins and trace minerals as well.

7) An Apple

Fun fact: eating apples from bottom to top (instead of side to side) is better since you eat through the entire fruit. The fiber will keep you full and it satisfies your craving for sweets too, without giving you that dreaded sugar crash. Personally, I like eating it with the skin on since most of the extra nutrients are in there.

Got an action-packed day ahead? Take along any of these high-energy foods with you and you’re sure to amaze your clients with the extra energy and focus these snacks give.

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