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Holiday party doesn’t have to be a stressful process. By following these 6 easy steps you will be on your way to a great holiday event! We recommend starting holiday event planning by hiring a professional event planner it is a great way to save time and ensure that you and your guests get to have the exact custom experience that you want. Your event planner will be able to help you with all your planning needs. They can help you design a unique, ambient, holiday inspired celebration. Here are our 6 tips to throw a great holiday party.

1. Be Inclusive

While you’re never going to please everyone, you’ll come a lot closer to hitting that goal if you get a variety of food and drinks. Keep in mind peoples dietary needs. Remember that not everyone drinks alcohol. It’s great to have things like hot chocolate or sparkling juices for the people in attendance that will not be drinking alcohol. Be sure to remember to have options for people who may have dietary needs as well such as vegan, sugar-free or gluten-free options. A great party food almost anyone can eat is hummus. Remember while planning food and drink options variety is your friend. Your (gluten-free, alcohol-free, vegan, etc) guests will thank you for it.

2. Theme

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Picking a theme for your party can really make it exciting! The theme you select can be anything from an ugly sweater party to a complete winter wonderland! You can plan everything around your theme from dress codes, to food choices, drink styles and decor. If it is a winter wonderland themed party, you can have lights projecting snowflakes throughout the room! Or decorate the interior with twinkling blue and white lights, tinsel, blue and white glitter, and artificial snow. If you decide to go with an ugly sweater party, a great way to ensure everyone participates is to have prizes for the best sweaters at the end of the night. A themed party is always much more fun than any other party and easier to plan.

3. The Entertainment


Music is usually a big part of a great evening. A great DJ can bring any event to the next level. They are trained to read a crowd and play exactly what is needed for the guests to have a great time. They are able to get everyone out onto the dance floor. However, music isn’t the only way to entertain. Consider hiring a comedian, dance crew or acrobats for your event. This will create a fun memorable experience guests talk about long after the event is over.

When hiring entertainers, do not always go for the lowest price. Whoever you hire, he/she will affect your image. Quality, trust and ease are more important than a lower bid. Also when working on the program, don’t save the best for last. At the end of the event, the guests may be tired, hung-over, or worried about getting home. We recommend having your biggest entertainment showcased in the middle of your event to ensure everyone who is going to be at the event gets to experience it.

4. Activities are Key

Interactive elements at your event are crucial to a successful event. For a holiday themed party consider hands on activities such as a gingerman building station or a photo booth with fun holiday props.

5. Use Lighting To Enhance Your Atmosphere


Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive floralscapes, lavish linens and centerpieces choose great lighting effects to enhance your events ambience. At events lighting can take a plain venue and transform it into a truly extraordinary place. Work closely with your event planners and audio visual team to make your lighting work for you. They will find creative ways to position and use lighting in the venue to really enhance the atmosphere.

6. Enjoy The Event

Your guests should not be the only ones to enjoy themselves at your event. Plan carefully, so you are able to relax and enjoy yourself too the day of. Let the little things go at your event, if something isn’t working don’t sweat it and do not draw attention to it. Chances are your guests will be too busy enjoying themselves to notice anyway.

Enjoy your events and happy holidays from the Einsteins at Endless!

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