Here’s my list of some of my favorite non-event planning blogs that inspire our events and our event company, Endless Entertainment. If you’re looking for more non-event planning blogs to check out, check out my blog post on the Top 11 Non-Event Planning Blogs for Event Planners.

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Digital Buzz BlogDigital Buzz Blog

I love this blog so much I had to mention it twice (once before in Top 11 Non-Event Planning Blogs for Event Planners). Aden is my hero when it comes to finding unique uses of technology to create interactive marketing ideas. He was one of the first people to break the story about Hyperlapse which has huge applications in the events industry for site walkthroughs, great event videos and more. If you’re looking for a place to go: “Whoa, that’s awesome!” Aden’s blog is the best for that.



Speaking of awesome… Everyone is always looking to find better ways to work and how to get more stuff done. There are hundreds of blogs out there on productivity but what I especially like about WorkAwesome is it helps you with work/life balance. It provides actionable tips to help you be more success around work. It’s no well-kept secret that event planning is the 5th most stressful job in the world. With WorkAwesome, maybe we can get us off the list altogether.



I wanted to share a marketing blog because the most common question we get when it comes to events is “How can I attract a larger audience (more attendees or even more sponsors)?” and that is usually followed up with “How do I market my event?”. I have dozens of suggestions for marketing blogs but favorites are the ones tackling the key issue that old marketing doesn’t work and inbound marketing is the new way. A huge part of that is writing good blog posts, and CoSchedule delivers amazing content every day that helps you blog more frequently and more effectively. So if you do marketing for your own company or you are trying to market an event, then you probably have to write blogs. CoSchedule is a great resource to have in your toolbelt. This blog helps Endless’ event production blog into an exciting resource for event professionals across the world.


At Endless, we’re huge on customer service. So much that it’s our mission statement to serve the customer and create the equation, as we call it. There is a lot of talk behind customer service being so important but there isn’t a lot of talk about HOW to make that amazing customer experience possible. GrooveHQ, a customer support tool delivers possibly the best content on the topic. There are applicable articles everywhere but my most recent favorite is Should You Deliver Good News Or Bad News First?. Use this blog to deliver great service to your clients but also your attendees.



Inspiration can be extremely beneficial to sparking creativity, and just googling “inspiration blogs” or “design blogs” can yield massive results of awesome blogs, but one of my favorites has to be Fubiz. When starting work with a client or on an event, head over to Fubiz and you will see hundreds of ideas from things other than events which you can apply immediately to your events. For example, maybe you can use this awesome balloon installation and recreate it at your next event?



I use the tool, Feedly to monitor the RSS feeds from all of my favorite blogs. This is a great way to save time rather than individually going to each blog. Then I use the tool, Pocket to save individual articles for later reading. Then when I’m ready to read (which I do outside of my normal work time), I head to my pocket and try to crank through a few posts. Great thing about Pocket is it reformats the blogs to make them easier to read and saves your place when you leave in the middle of an article so you can pick up where you were which is great for long posts.

I certainly hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do. Do you have a favorite blog we haven’t mentioned? Share it in the comments below as I’d love to subscribe to it!

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