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Getting the right kind of furniture for the right event can be a daunting task, but when you see LED furniture in an event, it gives you a whole new experience. LED furniture is not just a way to make an environment look incredible, it is functional, low cost and safe to use.

LED Event Furniture

Here are a few tips to get your event into the top few in your location by standing out from the competition.

1. Create A Relaxing Zone for Your Event.

Mood lighting is becoming a huge phenomena in events. Event planners have realized that not everybody is coming to the event to participate and just go off. Often there are patrons who want to relax with a couple of casual drinks and enjoy their time in a less rowdy fashion. Creating different moods with LED furniture is a very effective way of doing this. Blue lighting is often used in events to create a calming, tranquil area to relax and chat with others. Having one of these areas in an event will ensure that you don’t put off the people who want an area to kick back and relax.

The use of couches and tables with soothing LED lights coming from them is becoming more and more popular to control the emotions of people. In contrast, putting bright, intense lights for an event will encourage people to go wild and have an awesome time, creating a thriving, popular destination for others.

LED Event Tables

2. Create Elegant Surroundings.

Everybody likes to feel as if they are part of something luxurious and glamorous from time to time, so give them what they are wanting. Visiting 5 star hotels will let you know that people love to feel pampered and rich – this is what LED furniture can give you. Creating a beautifully lit path down the stairs or up the path to your main event with soft LED powered lights can create an enchanting atmosphere and give visitors the feeling they want.

Using an LED cocktail bar or main bar will give the impression that your event is a hotspot and one of the places to be. Compare this with a normal event and you can see that creating an environment that people want to be a part of is the right business decision.

3. Combine Light Rhythm With Music.

Instead of having your lights flash randomly, LED furniture that runs off power as opposed to battery powered be programmed to flash in time with the music played in the background. This can create a music video like feel for people and gets everybody into the zone to have a few drinks and a great time.

This wouldn’t be a good move for pieces of furniture like couches, wall lights or tables as it would require too much electrical work, however for pieces of furniture such as the main bar, this would be an exciting addition to your event.

LED Event High Tops

4. Use Battery Powered LEDs to Put Lights In Odd Places.

Hiring an electrician to install every single light in an event would be a hugely expensive job. With battery powered LEDs you can just turn it on and off at will. Putting lighting in tables, chairs, random wall placements, stairs, handrails and even wine/beer glasses can give your event the edge over the competition. This will be a huge enhancement for the event and will definitely arouse some sort of curiosity, which is always a good thing.

Having different color LEDs in odd places will give you the environment you want, for a relatively small price. Take a look through any designer magazine and you will see that lighting in commercial, residential and holiday accommodation is a huge focus in aesthetics at the moment. This will stay in high fashion for some time for many reasons. It is functional, exciting, classy and it appears like it is very expensive (which is normally what high fashion is all about).

LED Furniture Will Bring Return Customers

Take one look at the other events happening in your city. Often the most successful ones have lines that trail way out the entranceway and onto the street. The most popular events are the ones that all the people go to, not the ones where retired soldiers go to drink. Choose LED furniture that would appeal to people aged between 25-35 and you will have a successful business on your hands. One thing about successful, popular, elegant events is that they are often packed with people who want to impress, and these people love spending a lot of money.

David Biggers, the writer of this article works for UK Events specializing in large selection of LED illuminated furniture available for hire. If you’re on the lookout to hire the new LED colour changing cocktail bars for your party needs, get in touch with UK Events for more details on the same.

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