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3 Ways Porta-Potties Make Tailgating Better

By August 7, 2012February 25th, 2019No Comments

Porta-pottiesTailgating is as American as football itself. Does anyone just show up for the game? No way. You get there about 3 hours ahead of time, set up shop and get to grillin’. This is the cornerstone of tailgating… grilling and hanging out with friends. The point is to relax and have some fun with your friends before kickoff. But your fun can be curtailed quickly if you can’t find a bathroom. Or, worse yet, you found it but it’s out of commission.

If you’re the guy who maintains the parking area where tailgating goes on, it’s your job to make sure that adequate facilities are provided for the fans. Even if there are stationary bathrooms available, it’s better to think bigger on this issue than run the risk of being caught with your pants down. The answer? Porta potties… lots. Happy people mean better tailgating and one of the best ways to ensure that people are having a good time is taking care of the restroom situation. Here are three reasons why.

  1. Keeps it clean! – It’s really simple, the more facilities available, the cleaner the environment. With tailgating there’s a lot of beverage drinking and barbequing, both of which yield many bathroom breaks. What are the fans to do? Wait? They won’t wait. The single best way to avoid the kinds of issues associated with a lack of restroom facilities is to provide as many porta potties as necessary to accommodate the number of expected tailgaters.
  2. Shorter wait times – No one likes standing in line, waiting for the next available stall. What’s worse is that if one of the toilets becomes clogged or otherwise compromised it’s out of commission for the rest of the event. It would be much easier just to avoid that all together by making available several porta potties, strategically located around the premises and maintained by staff members.
  3. No long haul – One of the worst feelings is having to hike what feels like miles to a restroom only to then stand in line for another 10 minutes. By having several available porta potties at the ready you can avoid this issue so people can do what they came here to do; have fun with their friends.

If there was ever a time to be proactive, it’s now. No one wants to be the guy that has to clean up after an ill-equipped tailgating event. Keep the people and the staff happy by providing several facilities in the tailgating area. People are there to have a good time, not worry about the bathroom.

Happy Can is an Atlanta-based portable restroom company that offers mobile restrooms in Alpharetta, GA and portable johns in Alpharetta.

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