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Event lighting is arguably one of the best ways to make your event an exciting and memorable one; it has the power to make or break the audiences’ experience at a corporate event, dance, awards ceremony, and more! Along with being one of the greatest ways to get your attendees talking about your event and sharing pictures amongst their social networks for months after, event lighting is easily the most fun for event designers and lighting engineers to get creative with! Keep reading if you want to see some crazy ideas to drop the jaws of the attendees at your next event using creative event lighting!

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3 Best Event Lighting Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

1. Motorized Lighting Structures

Something to surely blow your mind, motorized lighting structure are something out of a lighting engineer’s dreams and can simulate organic and robust movements, guaranteed to captivate the imaginations of everyone to experience it. It involves a framework of truss in order to hang off lights from controlled motors where an event lighting engineer can program the movements. If you are having trouble visualizing it, we would highly recommend watching the video provided below! Read more about Motorized Lighting Structures here!

2. Lasers

If you are asking yourself if you need lasers at your event for event lighting, the answer should always be “YES!” Lasers have the ability to sync with your music, be programmed to draw shapes and rudimentary¬†pictures on surfaces, and span across your entire audience. The picture provided below is a picture taken by myself (Austin) during our 4th of July Laser Show in Sedona, Arizona! Read More about the Sedona Laser Show Event here!

Event lighting

3. LED Beam/Spots

Beams and Spots are moving lights that are typically positioned on a line of truss where they can then be programmed with cues, positions, colors, and patterned movements to add an intuitive feel to event lighting. What is not typical about the video of the lights provided below is that they are much more dynamic and capable of blasting your audience into the next galaxy.


We hope you enjoyed some crazy event lighting ideas to supplement your Thursday afternoon!

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