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Yeasayer’s Crystalline Stage Environment

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Yeasayer's Crystalline Stage Environment

Concerts are becoming more and more about the visuals experience than just the auditory experience. Bands are enlisting technology to involve lighting, video and special effects to create a unique experience which their fans have never seen before. A combination of video mapping and cleaver stagecraft were used to create this amazing stage crystal stage design.

Yeasayer's Crystalline Stage Environment

In an effort to make their tour in support of the recently released “Fragrant World” a little more special, Yeasayer enlisted The Creators Project to help them create an immersive light and color experience. Their solution: Hook the Brooklyn-based band up with software artist Casey Reas, who conceived and designed an “alienscape, crystalline” stage environment for the band. “It was my primary charge to develop the original vision for the environment and then to communicate and clarify this vision throughout the development,” the artist said in an interview posted on The Creators Project blog. His design was brought to life with the aid of architecture firm Aranda/Lasch, and in addition to being the physical manifestation of the aesthetic the band has been building towards the last couple of years, it will also project the work of video artist Yoshi Sodeoka (responsible for the videos that accompanied the band’s scavenger hunt of a few weeks ago) during their sets. The stage design, which will be used during every stop on the tour, made it’s debut during the band’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” performance.

Watch this video of Yeasayer’s interview about the stage design:

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