Do you think that your corporate event ideas are getting a bit stale? Are you finding it difficult to get your events noticed?

Maybe it’s time to try something unconventional. Why not break a world record, like the ladies in one sorority did? Or maybe dazzle event attendees with a jubilee of colors? How about changing your colors to change the mood of your visitors?

Learn these and more in this week’s roundup.

Behind the Scenes of The World’s Largest Plated Dinner

Last July 2016, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority broke the record they set in 2008 in hosting the world’s largest plated dinner. With 22,000 guests served by 215 chefs and 98,000 plates of food, this event would make any event professional dizzy and yet, they pulled it off without a hitch. Check out the other astounding details and some of the tricks that the sorority pulled off in order to achieve this one-of-a-kind event.

Spice Up Your Next Event With These Amazing Lighting Effects

Good lighting is a must for any event, but it can also serve other more glamorous purposes. From livening up an otherwise dull venue to creating illusions that amaze guests, lighting can turn a regular event into an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hanging LED chandeliers and using trailing lights to mark a VIP space are just two of over a dozen lighting ideas included in this article. Of course, these options range from the expensive to the affordable, from branded lighting to DIY light jars.

Get Your Event Highlighted By Google Events

Google’s Events platform is a go-to for users looking for local activities. While it’s the perfect way to get the word out to your audience, you’re also competing with a lot of other local events. In order to stand out, you need to make sure your SEO is in order. Here are some important tips to make sure your event ranks at the top of the search results. From managing the technical aspects of your event listing to making sure that your post’s content is relevant and easily understandable, this guide will help you get the most exposure possible from the world’s top search engine.


Keep Calm and Plan Events

Event planners have to deal with all sorts of issues, from uncooperative suppliers to erratic client decisions and everything in between. The environment we live in is so hurried that staying calm is often seen as a luxury. And yet it is a luxury that can save your job. After all, a calm mind is much more efficient in addressing issues appropriately. The more you panic, the more you make unsound decisions which often leads to further stress. To help you out, here are 13 different tactics you can use to keep a cool head and work calmly at all times.

Steal These C2 Ideas

Commerce and creativity merge in C2 Montreal, a 3-day event that seeks to challenge and spearhead the future of the events industry with the tagline “Goodbye Cynicism, Hello New Ideas”. This year, this gathering of minds was held in an art gallery, helping encourage an atmosphere of collaboration and interaction. With a focus on creating new ideas, the event highlighted several possible innovations you could use for your own events.

How To Exceed Expectations

Like in all areas of the service sector, an event professional should strive to go the extra mile and wow your customers. It is an intensely competitive field, and a single slip-up can lose you someone’s business. But how do you exceed your client’s expectations? It all lies in these four questions that you need to ask at the beginning of every partnership. From the basic probing questions to a surprise one that will surely stick with them forever, here is how you can be the best event planner in the eyes of your customer.

The Biggest Hotels This 2017

Hotels have become a staple in the events industry, and you should know the right hotel to book for whatever function you are organizing. Here we have a list of the biggest hotels this year, with Marriott leading the pack. The hotel chain giant has acquired its rival Starwood in 2016, and has edged out all competitors, including its long-term rival Hilton. While the US travel bans have substantially affected the lodging industry’s revenue, a good hotel will always be a great part of making an event a success.


What’s Your Color? Here’s What That Says About You

Color is a very important part of a brand so it’s best not to choose your event’s colors based on a whim. Each color conveys a different meaning and personality and can easily affect how people perceive you. This means when you choose the colors of your next event, you need to make sure it accurately reflects the mood and theme. Here is a handy infographic that explains the different colors according to the industry they are used in. Take note that the same colors may mean different things depending on who uses them and how.

How Can You Be An Emotionally Intelligent Leader?

Because of the demands of the job, a lot of event professionals have grown to be cold, calculating, and totally meticulous in handling the business. While these are certainly great attitudes when put to good use, the industry does not thrive on logic and reasoning alone. Sometimes you have to take on an attitude of warmth and emotional intelligence (EI), especially when leading a team. Having a high EI, you foster better relations and build a more cohesive unit that is better geared to take on the company’s challenges. Here is a list of the traits an emotionally intelligent leader should have, and how you to put them to work in your daily routine.

Save Nearly A Day Per Week With This Simple Morning Routine

For the most productive people on earth, mornings are sacred. Your morning routine can make or break your day. In fact, it can even dictate how many hours of work per day you need in order to be productive! Learn this morning routine and save more than 20 hours of work per week, so you can divert your energies to doing things that are more fulfilling and less stressful.



At the end of the day, our job is to make other people happy. Our mission is to make attendees, clients, and even our staff enjoy working and interacting with us. But how about your own happiness? What do you wish you could do right now to just unwind and relax?Request A Quote

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