Big events call for big plans. Arm yourself with trade show booth ideas, fabricator suggestions and speaking engagement tips from our round up below.

We also found some sage advice from famous and up and coming event marketers, including a few confessions on the hardships some have gone through in the field. Also included are a few nuggets of wisdom here on how to nab clients via LinkedIn and how to survive an event disaster.

Speaking of which, watch this to avoid an event AV disaster during your next event.

FAB 50: Top Exhibit Builders To Watch Out For In 2017

From the inline exhibits to their pop-up displays to their pre and post-show marketing, visionary creators keep setting the bar higher every year. For the past five years, FAB 50 has selected the best of the best through a rigorous application and judging process. Take a look at the top fabricators of the year: they might be exactly what you need for your next event!

Who are the Top Event Marketing Minds of 2018?

World-famous events don’t create themselves overnight. And they sure don’t happen with a swing of a magic wand. These events demand intensive planning and hard work, especially if you’re aiming for success and attention. There are a select few who have risen to the challenge and not only led their companies to success but also brought their brands to the top. Meet the geniuses of the event industry whose work has caught our eyes.

Confessions of a Meeting Planner

People say that if you love your job, it won’t feel like you’re working. But anyone could tell you no job is perfect, no matter how fun or high-paying it is. On the contrary, people who love their job with a passion work hard to be the best at it. Meeting planners are no exception to that. In this article, some of the top leaders in this field talk about their biggest challenges and what they are doing to combat them.


LinkedIn Leaks: 12 Secrets to Winning More Event Business

While all sorts of folks attend our events, we mainly deal with professionals in our business. That said, LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect and even close deals with new clients. But how do you leverage this powerful platform? You can start by creating a smashing profile, creating valuable content, and join industry groups on the platform. Read more to discover more tips and tricks you can use to get a leg up using LinkedIn for your events business.

The Speaker Starter Pack: 12 Secrets To Be the Best

Boredom is every speaker’s ultimate mortal enemy. No matter how informative a presentation is, the crowd will never remember it if it wasn’t presented in a captivating and entertaining way. Perhaps, the answer is quite obvious: create an impact on stage. But how? Here are 12 engagement and presentation ideas to leave your audience in awe and wanting more.

What’s New: 25 Attention-Grabbing Trade Show Display Ideas

In the world of trade shows, it is not always about what you’re selling but how you sell it. Regardless how amazing your products are, if people can’t remember it, your time spent there will be for nothing. How do you make your display stands out? Check out these brands’ captivating display ideas that will surely make event goers stop in awe.


911 Your Way Through Last-minute Event Changes

No matter how much we avoid it, sudden changes in our events are inevitable. When this does happen, that last thing you would want is to lose your cool. Turn that stress into an adrenaline rush and deal with the crisis with finesse and authority. Take control with these six coping strategies for last-minute event changes. Stay in charge!

What You Need to Know About The 2028 Los Angeles Olympics

Eleven years might seem a little bit too far off to worry about something. However, if you’re an event producer planning to host events and showcase brands around the 2028 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Los Angeles, it’s best to be prepared as early as right now. Learn from the seasoned producers who have worked on events like these in the past. Learn how to get work done, from the research to staying on budget to preparing for the worst (and the best). Remember, the world will be watching you soon!

Lollapalooza 2017 Coolest Branding Ideas You Should See

Every year, Lollapalooza never fails to show us why it’s one of the country’s biggest festivals. From the mad props to the creative booths, and the amazing music, there’s something to keep you glued to the event every step of the way. Get pumped up by these exclusive branding ideas from the companies that sponsored the latest Lollapalooza.

8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Smart Badge Technology

In this era of conventions and trade shows, scanning badges isn’t just about attendance and security. Event planners are trading traditional badge scanners for smart badges with extremely positive reviews. Let’s look into why using smart badges leads to better event ROI and even greater attendee experiences.



We’ve all had our fair share of event disasters over the years. Do you have any crazy event stories to tell us? Share it over at our Twitter: @helloendless!

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