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Top 4 Event Trends of 2014

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We want to wish everyone a happy new year. We hope everyone has an amazing year full of unforgettable events! To kick off the year we wanted to share our top 4 event trends for 2014 to help you plan your best events yet!

4. Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people. This is typically requested from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers. Crowdsourcing uses an open forum for the public to suggest ideas in an open call format. We are seeing this used at events more and more. This is especially useful at conferences and larger scale events. It offers a way for the attendees to offer suggestions and let you know exactly what they want to see and hear while at your event. You can then take their suggestions and plan the best event possible for your attendants.


3. Conference event guide apps

Mobiles Apps are a must have at events in 2014. Mobile apps are the most direct form of contact with an event goer. They can deliver alerts, schedules and up-to-date information all into the attendees smart phones. There is no better way to communicate last minute changes or announcements quickly and easily to event goers. This allows guests to better plan their experience. The use of push notifications and alerts are great ways to remind users about events they tagged or to share important announcements and news. Some mobile apps are also integrated with social media allowing guests to share their experiences with their whole network whether they are attending the event or not.


2. Projection Mapping

Video projection mapping has the capacity to turn any surface into a screen. While it has been around since 1969 but has become really popular in the last 3 years. Video projection is commonly used on buildings and walls but you can use it on any surface. While traditional 2d projection is still effective, it does not have the impact and depth of video mapping. Flat projection is out and projection mapping is the future for 2014 and beyond. It is a sure way to transform any space into an amazing event. The best part? You don’t need to make physical changes to the structure of your display. The image can mask and change the look of everything you are projecting onto.


1. Immersive experiences

This is the biggest trend of the year and we think it will be here to stay! Attendees at your event expect more than ever. The event has to be an experience impacting all 5 senses. This trend extends well past events and we are now seeing it in theme parks such as Disney’s expansion of the Magic Kingdom where guests can go into Bell’s castle, and dine in her world at the Be Our Guest Restaurant. Everything detail is accounted for to bring that experience to life from the castle itself, the servers, music, lighting and menu, guests truly feel as if they have stepped right into the film. Immersive experiences create a way for guests to feel as if they step into a different world. More than ever event organisers are integrating sensory experiences to deliver meaningful and memorable event experiences. An immersive experience starts by having a great theme, and making sure lighting, performers, sound and even the smallest details are paid attention to in order to fully immerse the guests.

Now that you have read our top trends for 2014 which ones do you think you will be using at your events? Leave us a comment below!

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  • Tiffanee Ford

    I think new trends are exciting for event planners. Projection mapping is one of our favourites as it can take any given space and make it into something completely out of this world. We also agree with using technology to track the progress of events such as twitter and hash-tags (to name a few). It allows you to understand what your audience wants and/or is looking for.

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