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Spotlight: Our 6 Core Values

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What values do you live by?

Sit back and think about that for a second. There are so many different types of people in this world that, as they grow up, develop a set of values that guide them through life. Many have some similar points, but most people have differing sets that they choose to live by. Aligning yourself and your company’s goals can seem like a daunting task, but once all members of a company share a common goal, developing a set of core values is a much easier task to accomplish.

Endless Entertainment has grown rapidly since its inception in 2007. From DJing small school dances to providing production and entertainment for huge national productions such as Phoenix Comicon, The Fiesta Bowl Block Party, The Color Run, and more, Endless has developed a large following and client base. As companies change and adapt with their growth and the changing environment of their industry, their core values can change and adapt accordingly. We found ourselves in just that situation here at Endless Entertainment and decided to update the values that we embody throughout every aspect of our work. Let’s take a look at the six new core values that we live by:

1. Selfless Service

We believe that great service is measured by the relationships we build.  We celebrate generosity and selflessness by putting the success of each client and event before ourselves.  We understand that only through others are we able to accomplish great work.  As a result of this, we constantly find ways to provide individualized service to each client and how we can go above and beyond for them.

2. Excitement In The Air

Endless provides a constant and exhilarating experience all the time! We are in the business of building memorable experiences for our clients, so why not have fun doing it? From the second you meet one of our staff to the final meeting after your event, you will see the excitement everywhere around Endless.

3. Be Professional

Bring the appropriate amount of professionalism to every situation!  We are committed to performing at our highest potential every day. We also understand that our actions are our own responsibility; we shall make decisions with experience and good judgment.

4. Breathing Passion

We live and breathe events, each and every one of us! We are the legends of the events industry. Our passion drives us to work off the clock and late at the office, because we absolutely love everything we do at Endless Entertainment. Passion is first nature for us.  We need passion as much as we need to breathe.

5. Continuous Gratitude

Being thankful and expressing that is paramount to our team! We praise and thank each other for a job well done. We make sure to show that we care and have an appreciation for our clients, co-workers and anyone we associate with.

6. Learn and Grow

When events change, we change. When events grow, we grow! We strive to equip our team with a vast amount of knowledge and resources to unlock the potential in each and everyone of our employees. To be truly successful at everything we do and stay ahead of the curve, our employees must do the same.

Have you ever worked for a company that has grown into new company ideals and core values? Do any of our core values align with your company’s core values or do you think they are relevant to your company? Let us know about your experiences and how you’ve enjoyed aligning yourself with the core values of your company!

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