It’s a new year, and with that comes an exciting and fresh start. First order of business for every event planner is creating memorable events for this 2017. No better place than to start than here and now, right?

We serve you some new ideas to get your gears going, from event food ideas to event trends from the experts. We’ve also added a few tips to make your new year more productive by sharing tips on journaling, learning from the past year, and making habits stick. Finally, read about how to grow your events through Instagram Live and Twitter Direct Messaging / DM.

Here’s What Your Attendees Will Crave This 2017

Food is always an integral part of making events memorable. It also follows its own set of trends, so getting food right can take your events to a whole new level. Read up on the nine food trends to watch out for this coming year. From catering to special diets to serving a different breed of street food, make sure your guests’ palates are as stimulated as their minds. And because the year’s theme color is green, why not some plant-based mains, too?

Events Future Past: Predictions from the Experts

Experts often have metahuman-levels of foresight into their industries. They see things that we take for granted and they sense trends that pass us by. Here, they share the trends, developments, and the general face of events this coming year. Learn more about live video, tech progress, data-based decisions, handling international guests, immigrant labor, and more.

EventMB’s Top 10 Articles for 2016

The Event Manager Blog has spent its whole 2016 churning out useful articles and how-tos for event professionals. Now that the year is over, here’s a look at some of their most powerful and intriguing posts of the past 12 months. You can see from this top 10 list how EventMB called the shots correctly, such as how it predicted the prominence of Snapchat in events.

Welcome to the Hotel of the Future!

Not exempt from the massive commercialization that engulfed the business world in the past several years, hotels have slowly but surely tried to set themselves apart by strengthening their brands. However, a report by Deloitte shows that the hotels of 2017 and beyond will take on a new dimension. Instead of simply being branded comfortable lodgings, hotels will give greater emphasis on customer experience. We will see hotels that are more focused in integrating travel experiences and pursuing a more active role in the community.

Instagram Live: The Beginner’s Guide

Instagram Live will definitely impact not just how we do social media in 2017, but also how we will approach social media in future events. This article by Social Media Examiner gives you the basics of effectively using the platform’s newest feature. From tinkering with your settings to managing your broadcasts, it has you covered. There’s also a section on the ways you can use Instagram Live to positively impact your business.

Does Your Business Do DM?

Twitter is a great way to reach a wide audience of followers at once, especially when it comes to delivering small updates. But that’s not the only way the platform can be used. Read up on how you can use Twitter to serve your customers instead of just broadcasting to them. Explore the power and personal touch of DMs. Not only can DMs help you provide laser-focused attention to your customers’ concerns, it also helps you by taking any potential conflict outside the prying eyes of your followers.

How To Do Your “Year in Review”

While we keep on hearing reviews of 2016 from the eyes of industry experts, it’s also worthwhile to evaluate the events of the last year from your perspective. After all, this is the sure path to getting better this 2017. Learn the important guidelines to reviewing your entire 2016 — from the events you hosted, to the state of your business, to the “four R’s”. Step up your referrals and revamp your personal brand through lessons from yesteryear.

Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

New year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to keep. One study shows that only 8% of resolutions are ever successful at the end of any year. This does not mean you’re that far away from success, however. Here, you can learn of seven ways  to make sure you see your resolutions through until the year ends. From the power of affirmation to looking for mentors, there are different strategies to ensuring that you stay as resolute as you were when January 1 came.

The Easy Way to Gain New Habits This 2017

While self-imposed resolutions can bring the most impact, sometimes you still need a little push from the outside. This post lists seven habits that might just help you achieve a better self this 2017. From a better way to manage the hard stuff on your to-do list to the oft-forgotten virtue of gratitude and generosity, these habits will make a change not just in your life but also in the lives of people around you.

Bullet Journaling Your Way To Productivity

Remember the time you ditched your notebook for a productivity app? Did that work out for you? If digital productivity isn’t for you, it might jsut be time to go back to that notebook instead. The piece introduces you to the concept of bullet journaling and how it can help you achieve your productivity goals for the year. It also gives you a list of the perfect supplies to kickstart the habit.



There are many things to look forward to this new year. Aside from the events and technologies coming out, it’s also a good time to change yourself and your business for the better. What’s one change that you’ll be doing this year to really boost your business through the stratosphere?

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