It’s a new week and with it comes new event technology trends. Now that big names have realized that events are the next big thing, they’ve created innovations specifically for our industry.

First is the play by Facebook, which is very bullish when it comes to virtual reality. They’ve come up with a way for us to attend events virtually through Oculus.

There’s also Snap who is envisioning a world where people can use photos to learn more about a location. If this goes well, expect it to make your events more engaging with more selfies.

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How to Effectively Harness Event Tech for a Blockbuster Event

When used properly, technology can make your event truly memorable. The proper tech can make things go smoother, from registration to the attendee experience itself. However, the biggest question here is: which area do you really need to invest in?. This handy guide will help you decide by showing where new tech can deliver the biggest impact.

Heighten Your Event Security with These Solutions

The recent Las Vegas mass shooting has raised significant concerns about the security of events. To help you out, here are three tools you can use to keep your staff and attendees as safe as possible. From simulating the crowd flow during an evacuation to embedding a security module into messenger apps, these apps will give you some peace of mind knowing there is an extra layer of high-tech security in place.

Facebook X Oculus: Events and Virtual Reality Merge

It’s not just that VR is the future of events. The future of VR also lies in events. This is cemented by Facebook’s announcement of Oculus Venues. This new app lets people enjoy movies, concerts, and various events through the magic of virtual reality. VR attendance is one of the biggest changes to occur in the world of events. As Oculus Venues is set to launch in 2018, questions abound as to whether the VR event crossover will replace face-to-face sessions and whether this is just another fad. While we don’t have concrete answers, one thing is clear: it’s time to rethink the structure of your events to make it VR-compatible, especially as 2018 approaches!


Corporate Event Ideas That Will Blow Everything Away

How creative are you when coming up with event ideas? When it comes to starting a corporate event that carries your brand, you should go for the best. Take for example how LinkedIn created an ice cave where event attendees could “chill out” in between sessions. Or how Virgin Media threw a Halloween Party that also showcased a TiVo feature. You could also up the awesomeness by giving your audience one-in-a-million event souvenirs, just like Adobe MAX’s 3D selfies!

Augmented Reality: Another Event Disruptor

While everyone is talking about the advent of virtual reality, augmented reality is already here and making its groundbreaking presence felt in the events industry. Both Apple and Google have launched AR technologies in the smartphones they power, and major events have already successfully used the tech. One great example is this year’s Sports Technology Awards last May 4, which coincidentally is also celebrated globally as Star Wars day. So what did they do? They added Star Wars characters into the awards through the power of AR, of course!

Snap Ventures into Visual Search

Snap has a new idea. The company wants to use its primarily visual platform to promote hotels, restaurants, and other companies. They’ve already started working with big names like TripAdvisor, Uber, Foursquare, and Michelin Guides to create “context cards”. These cards let users see more details about certain points-of-interest captured within shared photos and videos. This puts Snap right smack into the world of the commercial. While it may be an ambitious aim to transition to this from being an entertainment app, Snap may well be on the road to making visual-first searching a reality.

Use Events to Grow Your Customer Base

Events are perfect networking opportunities, allowing you to grow your leads and customers. This article shows how to strike up the right connections during an event, starting from the preparation all the way to the execution. You can graduate from being a simple event attendee and going around making business acquaintances, to being a lead sponsor of the event and having your name out in the VIP lounge. Here are some of the best ways you can make the most of the milling crowds and the complex dynamics of your next event.


Sync Your Marketing to Your Events

Marketing goes hand-in-hand with events, but there is always a tendency that one leaves out the other. For example, existing marketing campaigns may not properly incorporate your upcoming events. Also, they may not adapt accordingly once the event has concluded. In order to fine-tune one to the other, it is important to keep a keen eye on metrics like open rates for emails, social media activity, engagement, and the different types of registrations sold. Post-event, it’s also a must to understand the cross-section of promoters and detractors to see where you need to reach out for your next campaign.

Not a Morning Person? Make it up During the Afternoon

Not everyone can have an effective early morning routine, or wants to! So why not make your afternoons work for you instead? Ernest Hemingway created a counter-intuitive but really productive behavior hack just for this. Instead of wrapping everything up before you go for lunch, stop early just at that point when you have the next steps planned out. After you come back from your break, your brain’s natural tendency to complete what it had started will put you back on track and help you finish your work faster.

Work, Depression, and Staying Afloat

Depression is a very real problem across the world, and it is a real productivity killer in the workplace. But how do you keep your A-game while battling the blues? In fact, your intelligence and qualifications won’t matter that much when the foundations of your work (and you yourself) start to break down. Simple things like being punctual and well-dressed, and acting professionally in all situations go a long way. This would show that despite your hardships, you are committed to making things work at your job.



So there you have it! We hope these new event technology trends have inspired you to get to creating bigger and better events! What are some of the trends you plan to use? Have you tried incorporating VR into your events? Let us know!



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