Social media is a great way to promote your company events. The only problem: everyone is using it already. There’s a lot of noise out there so you need to find a way to stand out of the cacophony.

Fortunately, there are still a few diamonds in the social media rough. Facebook Live is still in its infancy and seems promising as a way of giving unique experiences to audiences both in the event and outside.

You can also tap into the special skills of influencers who hold a captive audience that will both promote and attend your events. And don’t forget the new kid: Instagram Stories. It’s the next logical step to sharing your life (and events) online.

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Apple Lends Its Strength To VR

We’ve kept stating that VR is the future of events, but not too many big names have put their weight behind the technology. This is bound to change since Apple already unveiled its latest OSX Update: the High Sierra. The highlight? Boosted VR capabilities. This means that the already bustling field of events-related VR will receive a huge push, bringing it into the mainstream. Time will come when VR isn’t just something special you add on to events. It will become a necessity.

Boost Your Events Marketing With YouTube

There are many ways to market an event, but a well-placed video trumps them all. As a result, YouTube has become a marketing juggernaut for those who know how to tap the platform. By creating a video that promotes your event, you are up to 75% more likely to send potential customers to your site. And by branding your video and optimizing it for SEO, you are set to get people talking about your event in no time!

Choose Your Events Weapon: What Element Will Stand Out For You?

While a well-rounded event is always the goal, most successful events have a single standout element that wows attendees even after they’ve gone home. Technology integration is, of course, a top bet. But you may also want to consider spending on design to make sure you have a unique and unforgettable setting. Another alternative: give attendees better photo-ops by curating places where they can take a good picture. So check out which elements the top guns of the events industry will be spending their budgets on this year.


Setting The Table For Success

Tables: nobody thinks about them a lot, right? But if the occasion involves a lot of sitting down, you need to get your table game right. Instead of spending a fortune to catch your audience’s eyes, here are 30 techniques for table setting on a budget. For starters, work with simple layouts, geometric shapes, and other things that resonate with the room decor. Prints and plains also go well together, attracting the eye without overwhelming the viewer. If you have more to spare, you can use textures and patterns.

Trends Behind The Trends: How To Look Under The Hood

As an events professional, being always in-the-know when it comes to event trends is a must. Here is a primer on the essential tactics that will drive hype to your event, as well as the tech to put them into practice. Learn about the metrics you need to measure to gauge your success.

Setting the Record: 2017 US Travel Conference

This year’s US Travel Conference set a record in the 49-year history of the event. The 5-day gathering hosted by the US Travel Association gathered more than 6,400 people from 70 countries across the globe. This year’s event was held in Washington, D.C. The enormous event was a logistical nightmare, but take a peek a how it was managed through careful planning and foresight. The conference is also a sterling example of how events can project value, this time showcasing the impact that travel and tourism has on the field.

Influencing the Influencers

In today’s events, you can’t get by with just a “speaker”. You need someone who can move crowds with his words, someone whose mere presence commands attendance. You need an influencer. Even if they aren’t present in the event, just their mere mention of it online can boost your numbers. But how can you work with them and build a strong professional relationship? Here are seven ways you can consider. From gifting goods and services to hosting influencer competitions and doing guest posts.


Google Takes A Turn For The Neighborhood in I/O 2017

Google’s philosophies point to the user being the most valuable element of all. And true to their beliefs, Google is making changes to this year’s I/O conference in response to the feedback they had in 2016. Instead of opting for another radical venue, this year’s event sees a more familiar city-style setup. This is an important insight on how event venues should not just be modeled with the company and sponsor in mind, but also the ease-of-use of the attendees themselves.

Snapchat Met Its Match In Instagram Stories

Snapchat has once been featured as an able competitor to Facebook. However, it seems that after the Instagram acquisition, Facebook has once again gained ground. Currently, both brands and influencers are ditching Snapchat for the new Instagram Stories, largely owing to the huge userbase of the latter. Better traffic and targeting abilities also prove to be important points. Here are other important reasons why your campaign may fare better with Instagram Stories than with Snapchat.

Liven Up Your Marketing With Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a great way to get more exposure, but there’s more than one way to use it. For one, you can team up with an influencer and use the platform to broadcast an interview. It is also possible to use Facebook Live to give your audience an exclusive peek into places and events that they otherwise can’t go to. Because of the interactive format, they aren’t just casual watchers but involved viewers. You can also hold a serial show through Facebook live, in order to regularly engage and interact with your viewers. There’s more to each of these strategies, and here’s how you can make the most of them to boost your marketing efforts.



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  • Jessica Doyle

    I love this advice; Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat are right at our fingertips, yet still less then obvious choices when thinking of marketing an event!
    What I’m amazed about is the stat that you can boost traffic flow to a website by useing one of these tools.
    I’ll defiantely incorporate live videos into my future marketing plans.

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