It can sometimes be hard if you don’t know how to select an event venue. This week’s roundup has a few pointers that will help you out.

In addition, we also learn about the experiences of other event professionals, how solitude can help you be more productive, and (surprisingly) what to do when your kid wants to be an event planner like you.

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Get Your Theme Going: Bringing on the Style in Events

Themes serve as your event’s central idea and can make or break its success. Choosing the perfect theme will not only make your event memorable, it can also help bring out its more unique aspects. But of course, your theme needs to suit your purposes (and your budget). So here are 25 event themes that are sure to make a cool statement about your sense of style. From taking the lavish gold-and-black route for corporate events to framing everything in a bleeding-edge futuristic glow, you will have an event theme idea whatever your purpose may be.

Go Green On Your Next Events With These Venues

Going green is the new “in”, and it has a lot of benefits aside from helping the environment. It can also give your event that added punch when you let your attendees know they are using a green venue. Check out 11 of the newest green places that can host your events, no matter what size. There are conference centers, hotels, restaurants, and private rooms all across the US that can cater to your needs. Most of them even earned a US Green Buildings Council LEED Certification.

Choosing Venues in the Jet City

Being one of the most scenic cities in the US, it’s hard not to get your guests engaged when you’re holding an event in Seattle. However, being in the city is not enough. You still need to find the perfect venue to frame the event against so attendees can enjoy the backdrop of lush greens, beautiful mountains, and blooming parks. This list of 30 venues covers everything from classy waterfront hotels to elegant open spaces and everything in between. There are also restaurants, museums, and more spaces perfect for whatever number of attendees you have in mind.


This Star Wars Theme Park Teaches That Actions Have Consequences

Memorable events are those that not only provide an enjoyable experience, but also provide a lesson or a takeaway for the attendees to mull over. It could be something they learned from the speakers, or something they discovered along the way. Or something that taught a lesson, the hard way. This last part is what the planned Star Wars theme parks have in mind. Visitors will have a “reputation” that will impact their park experience by providing consequences. Choose a side, take quests, fly the Millennium Falcon, and evade bounty hunters — all depending on what choices you make. This is a never-before seen level of immersion, but something that is worth looking at for your next event.

Event Success: Channeling Best Practices

Jon Allen is a veteran in the events industry, with extensive experience in leading production crews. He knows the ropes, and routinely strives to build connections with the people he works with in order to make a difference. He also takes the “best practices” approach by imbibing the most efficient methods he comes across. This means taking cues from other people. This is something every event planner and manager can learn on the way to being the best and the brightest in the business.

Train Your Child to be an Events Planner

As an event planner, you are exposed to lots of pressure, unholy working hours, and little credit. Your first thought would be that you wouldn’t want to put your children through the same ordeal, especially those who grow up to dream of high-exposure “careers” like their favorite celebrities. But that might change when you consider the bigger picture. Event planning is packed with adventure and lessons in humility, resourcefulness, focus, and human nature. Now that’s something every parent would want their children to have.

Living on the Production Road

In the events production business, we usually think we take the brunt of the impact. We’re the ones who are always pressured into making every event a success. However, our stresses also indirectly affect those around us — our families, mostly. They are the ones we live for, and are the ultimate recipients of whatever benefits we receive. Clem Harrod talks about this beautifully in this essay, while enjoining us to find that support system that helps us be better in our endeavors, for those dear to us.


New Research: Your Tools Can Make You Less Productive

Event marketers use a lot of tools, but often underestimate this fact. For most, using technology has become so second nature that they rarely notice when they do. This just makes it more difficult to estimate how these bits of tech can bog down one’s productivity. In fact, new research suggests that the more tech a person uses to “help”, the more time that person spends doing nothing productive. The mere act of logging in and jumping around different tools takes up unnoticed but significant time that could be used for more productive work. While alarming in a career that heavily hinges on time management, this is a call to look at your workflow and re-evaluate it for maximum efficiency.

Is Your Snapchat Advertising Campaign Reaping Benefits?

Snapchat is relatively new, at least compared to established giants Facebook and Twitter. It’s gaining considerable traction, great enough to pose a threat to its predecessors. Still, does advertising in this platform work? There aren’t any hard analytics yet to back up results, nor does the platform provide reliable audience data. This, in addition to poor ad revenue numbers compared to Facebook and Google, makes marketers wary of the ephemeral messaging service. Plus, Snapchat users (millenials) often skip ads. The company’s stance against collecting too much user data is also working against its adoption rate among marketers. With Snap now being a publicly traded company, however, these are bound to change as the call for increased monetization from the platform grows louder.

The “Shultz Hour”, and Why You Need It

In the 1980s, George Shultz was the Secretary of State. He had a habit of setting aside an hour every week just to reflect. He sat down in his office, and told his secretary to not interrupt him unless he receives a call from his wife or the President. This was his time to think of the strategic aspects of the job, away from the tactical issues that take his attention away from the bigger picture. This highlights what other great minds have found — that constant activity doesn’t always usher the best productivity. In the hurried landscape of the events industry, this is something we should keep in mind often.



The events world can sometimes be overwhelming. It might be time to step back and see what you’ve accomplished and whether you’re still headed in the right direction. So have you taken your Shultz hour lately? How about a vacation? Talk to us, we’re listening.Request A Quote

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