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Hire Space: it’s AirBnB for Event Venues

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Collaborative consumption is an idea that has exploded since it was first covered by Time Magazine as one of their ‘10 ideas to save the world’ back in 2011. The idea is at the core of the hugely popular AirBnB, and now forms a central aspect of fast-growing start-up, Hire Space (www.hirespace.com). Collaborative Consumption asks individuals to share their own possessions, partly through a desire to be part of a sharing community, but more critically due to a need to get more, financially, out of their possessions. Someone who owns a home no longer needs to leave their largest resource standing empty when they go on holiday, instead they can earn an income and be part of Airbnb’s dynamic community. Hire Space works on the same idea, but for communal spaces and small businesses; giving organisations the chance to gain economically from their underused office spaces, sports facilities, recording studios, or even roof terraces.

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What does the consumer get from collaborative consumption? To start with they too get to be part of these great online communities, sharing experiences and views, but more importantly, they get access to fantastic locations. Locations that they hadn’t previously even heard of, let alone thought of booking. And of course, for the customer too there is an economic benefit, after all if the space is being used all the time owners can afford to lower prices and give the consumer more for their dollar. The world can already access Airbnb and Tradepal, but you will have to wait a little longer for the newest offering, Hire Space is currently just based in London, England but we will be launching worldwide soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Hire Space is an innovative website that helps the public book publicly-available space for events, sports, business, exhibitions, performances and more. Backed by the team behind Top Table, it is signing up venues now ahead of a public launch in September 2012.

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