If you want to stay relevant in the events industry, you have to build a few good habits. Some habits of successful event planners include constantly learning about new marketing trends, staying in touch with their target audience, and of course, knowing your goals.

Aside from those habits, you should also know where to find your best employees, how influencers can boost your event attendance, and how new tech like badges, VR and geo-fencing can create better experiences for your attendees. Take a peek at what we found this week. We’re sure you’ll learn a thing or three by the time you get to the end.

Kidrobot: Melding Toys and Artistry

Mr. Franz Kozik joined Kidrobot in 2014. Back then, the company was barely alive. It was Kozik’s idea to partner the toymaker with young, urban artists, churning out creations that are both fun and functional. This vision bore fruit, as Kidrobot thrived under Kozik’s direction. From working with such established properties as Marvel and DC and dabbling with pop art in cooperation with the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, Kidrobot has made an indelible mark in its genre. Now featured in The New York Times (congratulations!), the company stands as an example that a little daring and creativity can go a long way, no matter how competitive the industry.

Find Your Future Top Employees Here

Just like in any other industry, the events industry relies on top-notch human talent to be successful. And while hiring a person can be a piece of cake because of technology, it’s still important to know where you can find the top employees for your company. From industry-specific job boards to online forums focused in marketing, know how to connect with the people that will take your company to new heights. And don’t forget the freelancers, too. These jack-of-all trades are perfect for part-time or project-based activities.

How To Boost Event Engagement For Millenials- E-Sports Arenas, Live Videos, Instagram StoriesUsing Star Power to Hype Up Events

It’s a simple trick. Invite a celebrity, and your event will surely be attended by the celeb’s fans. However, there’s a problem with this strategy. Does his or her presence invite the right kind of people to the event? Not always. That’s why it’s important to leverage the power of influencers whose work directly coincides with your event. These influencers can bring their thousands of followers to the event by campaigning about it or by simply showing up.

Say Goodbye to Boring Badges

For the most part, event badges can be throwaway tokens after the occasion. But these events have taken the idea and ran with it in unexpected ways, building some of the most creative event badges we’ve seen. From an old-timer Nokia phone and jigsaw puzzles, to sound-activated robots and LED name tags, these event badge ideas will wow you to no end.


Ride the Waves of Virtual Reality

One of the most common ways to pull off an awesome event is by treading the bleeding edge of technology. Virtual reality is one of the latest and the greatest when it comes to event tech. The question is: can you do it right? It’s not enough to just make the audience wear an overweight visor. The most important is to engage and immerse the audience. Here are some useful techniques you can use in your next event, from using sponsor branding to heighten the experience to linking the virtual realities of the entire audience at the same time. Then, there’s also the possibility of making VR much more than a game, drawing upon the experience to make a real-life change.

Take Your Event Marketing Beyond the Fence

Geo-fencing has become a novel idea that is applied to almost all marketing events. However like all technologies, it’s constantly evolving and improving. This list will give you some of the most innovative ways you can use geo-fencing by digging deeper into your audience and their preferences. Starting off with the idea of using a smartphone as a “universal ID”, you will be led through ways to create context and create opportunities for analytics. You can also work it the other way and turn the geo-fence into a geo-grid, while converting the ID into an address that can receive customized marketing depending on its position relative to the grid and touchpoints.

10 Before 9: An Event Planner’s Morning Routine

Event planners are busy people, but not too busy that you should skip a morning routine. To prepare for an epic day, these 10 things should be on your list before you hit the road at 9 a.m. Start waking up early and get started on the top things in your to-do list. Also, avoid social media like a plague to keep mornings productive. Check out the full list to learn more ways you can gear up for a productive day.


Video and Generation: Do You Know Your Market?

While video is definitely the future of the Internet, it is helpful to understand that not every person consumes video in the same way. For example, if your brand caters to the Gen X people, it is important to know that they don’t watch online videos on a daily basis like 70% of Gen Z people. Instead, the Gen X often flock to the Internet only when viewing how-tos and product reviews. This immediately gives you an idea of what video to make and when to post it. Learn all about these trends and adjust your video campaign accordingly to harvest great success.

Capturing the Twitter Moment

Last year, Twitter opened up its Moments feature for all users. This allows content creators to compile relevant tweets about a specific subject, very powerful when it comes to highlighting events. You can also use it to compile behind-the-scenes tweets, or to break out news about the event. Moments are also instrumental in promoting content through multiple channels, collating everything on Twitter for everyone to see. Learn how to make Twitter Moments and take over social media with your event.

Goal Setting: The Secret of Successful People

Heads up: it’s not just your intelligence that will make you successful. Because no matter how good you are at something, if you aren’t able to set your goals properly (with long-term goals taking precedence), you’ll end up being average like the rest. From SMART goal-setting to breaking big goals down and re-evaluating them regularly, learn the foundations that all successful people have used to reach their dreams.



Good event planning means setting the right goals for your event. But more than your event goals, you should also set some goals for yourself. Whether you want to improve your health, relationships, or career, a goal will help you stay focused on what you want. What are your goals for this year? Share it with us below!Recieve Your FREE 3D CAD Design!

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