We’re certainly no strangers to event tech here at the Endless blog. But what’s getting us excited is how fast people and companies are adopting new tech for practical uses. We have hotels using digital assistants, small businesses using chatbots, and even airlines using facial recognition.

In this week’s roundup, we talk about how e-sports is going mainstream as well as how to arm venue staff with the information they need to get things done. We also discuss how to use Facebook Messenger for marketing via chatbots and ads. Read on to learn more about these and other new event ideas we’ve found.

E-Sports, Live Events, and Sponsorships: A New Breed of Promotions

For the longest time, being good in a game (or l33t, as they say) was thought as being a trivial achievement. But with the advent of e-sports, the gaming industry has reached the mainstream, and it did with a bang. Today’s gaming events are worth millions of dollars in prizes and promotions. And one of the biggest drivers of this is the relentless series of live events and sponsorships sponsored by big names like Activision, Comcast, Gillette, Coca-Cola, and more. From conventions that bring the game’s experience to real-life encounters, to virtual reality demos in places like the Oracle Arena, witness how the events industry is pushing e-sports into a new era.

What Does Your Venue Staff Need to Know?

If you want to have a successful event, you need good venue staff. On top of hiring the right people, you also need to empower your staff so they can do their jobs right. Do they know the purpose of the event? Are they clued in on the numbers, and the things they can and cannot do? Do they know how their work is supposed to look like, and what things need to happen when? These things may seem obvious and trivial, but in the grand scale of an event, your venue staff needs to be on top of all these things. Read on to learn what your venue staff expects from for to make a smashing event.

Making the Most out of Facebook Messenger

Move over, texting — Facebook Messenger is the new chat boss in town. It not just lets you connect with people, Messenger also helps you reach your event marketing goals. Facebook Messenger Ads have become a whole new advertising channel, extending your reach to potential clients via your FB customer care and sales channels. Messenger Bots can also integrate with the platform, leveraging automation to give you an expanded reach among your customers. Have you had success in using Messenger in boosting your business?


Meet Your New Butler: Digital Assistants in the Hotel Scene

Digital assistants like Siri and Alexa are currently the forerunners of the AI race. Away from your living room, they are now vying to be your futuristic hotel room butler. Marriott International has been testing devices from Amazon and Apple, pitting them against each otherwhen it comes to common hotel tasks like closing the drapes, managing room temp, and changing TV channels. While hotels are a new market for these AI creations, the concept is expected to grow from Marriott’s experiments. By summer, the company will decide on a winner, heralding a new era in the hotel industry.

Hospitality Beyond Events

Many businesses are neglecting hospitality. Thankfully, it’s one of the primary reasons for the success of the events industry, which we can teach to others. By showing genuine care for customers, you can generate long-term trust and loyalty from them. This helps make the business stronger, while also attracting a bigger customer base. When clients experience hospitality, it keeps them coming back for more. Putting the customer first at all times, being considerate of their needs, and showing how much you value them can make a world of difference in how they perceive your brand.

Meet The Future Of Wireless Connections: A 40Gbps Li-Fi

Connectivity is very important for events, and yet how often have guests complained about slow Wi-Fi in your venue? The answer to that might just be around the corner, as scientists are testing a new type of Li-Fi (short for Light-based Wi-Fi) that goes 40Gbps and up. That’s 100 times faster than current Wi-Fi technologies. This new Li-Fi is based on infrared, instead of regular light. Aside from leaving the best Wi-Fi around in the dust, the power requirements have also been made much lower. And while the system has not yet been commercialized, just think of how useful it would be to have uninterrupted, lightning-fast connections in your next live event!


The Commercialization Of Facial Recognition

Aside from security applications, facial recognition can be useful in the events industry by helping recognize who’s who among your attendees. This in turn creates a better and more personalized experience for each of them. Industry players can take a cue from British Airways, who already installed such a system to speed up their customer boarding process in Heathrow airport. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as the aviation industry aims to bring the tech to a global scale, facial recognition admittedly has countless applications elsewhere, especially in the events scene where it will be instrumental in crafting a customized customer journey.

Seven Before Seven: An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Morning Rituals

The most successful people have something in common: they let their day’s productivity rest on a strong foundation of morning routines. As it turns out, there are seven important things you should do before 7AM, to greatly influence the rest of the day. From keeping fit to staying away from the distractions of the mobile life, learn these seven important rituals done by the likes of Richard Branson, Travis Bradberry, Tim Ferris, and more.

Beat The Rising Sun: Why You Should Wake Up Before Dawn

Events professionals often pay for their haggard lifestyle on off-days, and many decide to sleep in late just to recover. However, this might not be the best way to relate. Why not wake up early instead? Psychologically, it boosts you by letting you know you beat the late-sleeping self you usually are. Practically, it lets you plan your day without distractions. Stay an hour or two ahead of other people and wake up before they start imposing on your schedule. Waking up early is a strong discipline that needs practice for success. Sleep early, prioritize work, and exercise willpower to wake up and stay awake.



Event tech is fine and all, but what really makes events stand out are the people. Start from yourself and stay productive with early call times and strong morning habits. Then, include your team and stress how hospitality and customer service is your edge above your competition. Finally, find ways to wow existing customers and delight new ones.

How about you, in what ways are you building a strong business through your people?Download Free Event AV Checklist

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