Admit it, even a heroic event professional like yourself needs help every now and then. The best kind of help, of course, is by getting event sponsors to fully fund your event.

But more than financial help, you also need help getting things done. It pays to be always in the look out for productive event apps that can help you run your events smoothly. Some even help make your attendees’ lives easier through smart integrations.

We’re also here to help. If you ever need to know what’s the right AV to use for your event (at a budget you can afford), we’ve whipped up a free 30 minute AV assessment just for you.

Top Software Integrations That Save You Valuable Time

The event industry is notorious for having a lot of systems that need to work together in order to produce successful results. This also means a lot of tools that have to be wrangled and adjusted every time something changes. Have you ever felt you’re wasting too much time trying to keep everything updated? Then you’re missing out on software integration. Automate important changes by linking one tool to the next! Here are ten of the best software integration solutions for some of the most commonly-used systems in the industry.

Here’s How to Find that Perfect Event Software

Event software is a dime a dozen these days. No matter which area you specialize in, you’ll have no shortage of feature-filled solutions. The question is: are these the right features you need? How do you find the right software that has enough bells and whistles without it being too bloated for your needs? First you need to clearly establish your (SMART) goals, then you have to look at how the said software will affect your other processes. You might also need to sit down with the vendor and the other users of the software in mind to have a clearer view of how it will work for you. If you need help, we even wrote a guide for choosing the best event software.

Innovative Sponsorship Ideas To Expand Your Events

Getting event sponsors means giving your its budget a much needed boost, while also gaining a wider reach. But sponsors can be picky, and you need to understand the current state of event sponsorship. How do you pitch your event so that it gets their attention? Maybe you can place them on the WiFi landing page, or as props and backgrounds in photobooths? Maybe you can use them as subjects for a digital scavenger hunt, or engage them in live streaming the event? You can also place your event sponsors anywhere from charging stations, to water stations, to decals, to graffiti walls! There are limitless possibilities, and here are just a few ideas that you can try.


Facebook’s 2 Billion Users, and Its Growing Sense of Responsibility

Facebook has officially reached 2 billion monthly active users, more than any other social media network in the world. With this large user-base, the company has shifted its gears from merely aiming to connect people to trying to be a force for the greater good. This is embodied in their mission statement, which focuses on community building. With an undeniable impact on global society, Facebook blazes the trail in understanding how a gathering of people can make a change for the better.

Can FB Messenger Surpass Email?

Is Facebook Messenger a viable channel for connecting to customers and generating leads? The folks at HubSpot seem to think so. They did three experiments to measure the responses of customers. In the first, Messenger beat email in terms of open and click rates by 242% and 619% respectively. In the second, Messenger again generated a higher attendance rating and NPS response rate. Finally, using a Messenger Bot to simulate a form brought only a slight reduction in lead quality but reduced costs up to 477%. It might take a little effort to make it work, but Messenger seems to be the next frontier of communication.

If You Want to be a Little Smarter, Leave Your Smartphones Behind

It seems smartphones are doing a little too much of the “smart” work for us. A study from the University of Chicago says that simply being close to your smartphone distracts you from your task and also reduces your ability to handle complex mind activities. This includes remembering things and processing data, stuff we usually relegate to smartphones. This brain drain left the researchers with one suggestion when we want to do something to the best of our abilities: leave our phones somewhere else.

Be More Productive By Napping At Work

Stressed? Take a short shut-eye. While napping at your desk is usually frowned upon, research reveals that taking time to rest and de-stress significantly increases one’s productivity over time. Moreover, pushing oneself to be “productive” even when one needs to wind down can be the root of big productivity problems. So instead of running around answering emails all day and getting nowhere, step back and take a nap somewhere between 20-90 minutes. This will give your mind a much-needed rest, while also allowing it to piece together important bits that you could use later on to power through your workload.


Here Are Some Mind Tricks To Help People Like You

The human brain has a lot of quirks, and exploiting them (in a harmless way) can help you in many aspects. You can use them to be a more likeable person, too! From understanding the dynamics of relationships around you to knowing when to use silence and emotions to your advantage, these mind tricks will help you better find your footing in social situations.

Duolingo Teaches The Most Difficult Language To Learn

Japanese is considered the most difficult language to learn for English speakers. But Duolingo has developed a research-backed way to teach Japanese effectively. From knowing how the language is written to understanding the nuances of spoken Japanese, the latest Duolingo course exemplifies a successful step-by-step approach to tackling a difficult problem.

Uber’s Chance To Start Anew

If they handle it correctly, Uber can show us how a company can reset its reputation after a storm of bad publicity. With power vacuums opening up in its top brass and everyone else weighing in on what should be done next, Uber is in a difficult position. But recent moves to adopt changes in the corporate culture offer a good start. Can Uber make these fundamental changes to its business? Only time will tell. But if the company can steer clear of its habit of turning to its powerful investors before making each corporate decision, then it is on the right track.



We touched on one controversial topic today: smartphones are making us dumber. But is the solution really to stash our phones to earn back the brain cells we are losing from it? For us #eventprofs, a smartphone is a lifeline in the chaos of events management and I’m sure you’re as against leaving it behind as I am.

What’s your take: are smartphones really a crutch? Can you live a single day without one?

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