This week, we have a few event management tips that will give you a leg up above other event profs out there. One tip that I’m pretty sure you’ve taken to heart already is paying attention to details. The flop that was the Fyre Festival will forever burn this into each event manager’s mind. Don’t make the same mistake, take this: our free event planning checklist.

Another work tip: find out how you do your best work. Know if working from home is more productive for you versus working with others in the office. Shift your schedule to match your waking hours, whether you’re a night owl or an early bird. Make sure that your workstation is comfortable, even if you’re the type that’s always on the go. Scroll down and learn more in this week’s roundup.

Five Keys to Event Managing Success

Being an event manager is a full-time task, but that doesn’t mean it’s all hard work. By investing in the right habits, an events professional like you can leverage certain situations for your maximum benefit. For example, building an online network is a must to get clients, meet influencers, and learn tools. Get to know the five habits you need to practice to get a leg up on your events career and power through your daily challenges.

Avoiding the Fyre: Learning from the Downfall of Coachella’s Competitor

Since the success of Coachella, several others festivals have tried to recreate the same magic that has resulted in the iconic annual event. One of these is the Fyre Festival, a tropical getaway in the Bahamas complete with luxury amenities and A-listers from the current generation. It turned out to be a half-baked disaster, wasting thousands of dollars’ worth of attendees money. But how exactly did it crash? And how can one learn from it? From focusing attention on the details to relying on the ability of seasoned industry professionals, there are lots of things one can learn from this shocking Caribbean mishap.

How Will AI Affect Your Events?

Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming part of our daily lives by powering everything from complex productivity suites to common everyday tasks. Soon, it will be changing the way we organize, manage, and even attend events. AI can be your virtual registration team, taking and sorting attendee information in real time. AI can also serve as your event concierge, pointing people in the right direction and opening up new possibilities for personalizing attendee experiences. Read the link above to learn other ways AI can change the industry of events.


What You Need To See At IMEX 2017

IMEX is the annual go-to event for the event industry, and the 2017 installment in Frankfurt, Germany promises to be as big as ever. Seasoned veterans use this occasion not only as a way to gain new insights but also to build key relationships that might be mutually beneficial down the road. Understand the value of event insights, learn how to incorporate wellness into your event, stay in touch with the latest progress, have fun, and more!

Deliver The Best, Planner-Oriented Hotel Visits

Many planners visit hotels in order to see if they are the perfect fit for their upcoming events. Specs on paper just won’t do for them; they just have to get the feel of the place. The hotel visit can be the perfect opportunity to show off not only your amenities and versatility, but also how your place can serve the ultimate purpose of the planner’s event. It is also an opportunity to sell yourself, gaining the trust and confidence of the planner. Wow them with your attention to detail and your commitment to helping them achieve their ultimate goals, and work with them to resolve any potential issues. Then, consider yourself sold.

Break Away From the Office and Work From Home

You’ve heard about the perks of working from home and how more and more people are doing it everyday. What you don’t hear is how you’re supposed to convince your boss that it will be better for everyone if you can work someplace where no one can directly supervise us. The trick is to make sure your motivations are broadcast clearly and concisely. Do you need to be more productive by staying away from office chatter? Maybe you feel that working from home allows you to handle your personal and professional life better? Whatever the reason, here is how you can bring up the topic to your boss and walk away with beaming approval.

Build An Ergonomic, On-The-Go Workstation

We all need the best tools to work, but somewhere along the line you need to make a compromise between features, price, and quality. One thing you don’t often take into account is a product’s ergonomic features. While it seems like a trivial matter at first, working continuously on ergonomic equipment for several years will save you from half a lifetime of injuries. Of course, finding ergonomic equipment for the on-the-go lifestyle is a lot tougher, which is why this list is a lifesaver. Know the best stand, laptop, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and more for your needs!


Cal Newport Says: Work Deep, Escape Distractions

Cal Newport has always been a mover in the world of productivity. In his book “Deep Work”, he advocated a change in the way we do work. He teaches how to escape distractions that come from a faulty work schedule. He also wants us to end our obsession with social media and online updates. Newport teaches us how to really get “in the flow” of being productive. Get to know more with this interview with Ezra Klein.

How To Always Get A Response For Your Email

Here’s the problem: emails disappear into a big black hole in the web, never to be heard from again. How can you make someone click that “reply” button and actually send a response back? As it turns out, the technique is the same as writing meaningful articles for the web. Focus on a good title, get up close and personal, share your real thoughts, and make yourself understood plainly and clearly. If this has ever been a problem for you, here’s the article you need to read. Never send emails to a singularity again!

Power Up Your Schedule, Your Way!

Some people love waking up at the crack of dawn to reduce distractions and stay ahead of work. Others just like working at night when everything is more relaxed. As it turns out, there’s a great schedule you can follow to maximize your daily activities. It doesn’t matter if you’re an early bird or a night owl, here’s a schedule that you can use to make the most out of each day.



The events industry is a very dynamic one, so you need to stay in touch to stay ahead. So make sure you attend IMEX if you’re in the continent. We’ll be broadcasting it live as well here in the blog. Do you want to watch it with us? Comment below.Download Your Free Event Production Guide

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