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Event Industry Trends To Watch: Crowdsourcing Speakers, Chatbots, and Colors [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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There are a lot of event industry trends to watch for next year. More than a change in technology or design, these new trends are coming back to the core value proposition of events: people. We strive to be more and more human in our engagements each year, avoiding walled gardens and making events more inclusive.

And the events industry is becoming more and more global. While events can be local, the impact can be felt around the world. Learn from companies big and small. Gather intel from award winners. Read the top blogs in the industry. If they can do it, so can you!

Chatbots are the Future of Events — and They’re Here Now

In the late 1990s, the computer world had Eliza, a simple chatbot that acted as a sort of AI therapist. Today, her lineage carries on through the triplets Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. Of course, there are are a lot of other aspiring AI aimed at addressing our basic queries. Each passing year, they are becoming smarter and easier to teach, thanks to the people feeding them questions and answers. How will the events industry be changed by the presence of chatbots?

The Ethics of the “Preferred Vendor” List

Do you still have a “Preferred Vendor” list? This list was originally designed to help event hosts choose partners from qualified professionals. Today, having such a list is not a rosy prospect for vendors. Some require payment before partners can be included in the list. A few disregard the list or part of it. Still others decide that vendors should be scratched out from the list without discussion. All these present moral dilemmas that need straightening out to keep working relationships strong. This article discusses more about this, and how it could impact your business.

Saving on Speakers Without Sacrificing Event Quality

Keynote speakers are expensive, and yet they do not guarantee 100% effectiveness. The problem is that many events still depend on being carried by that one big-ticket keynote speaker. Thankfully, we now have several options when it comes to sourcing speakers. We can use crowdsourcing, learning sessions, story-based talks, Q&A, and more. All these present low-cost and yet effective alternatives. They also address that one pain point that comes with a hired speaker: engagement. By sourcing the talk “from the crowd and for the crowd”, an event can become a breakthrough for both the audience and the organizer.

What To Ask Your Equipment Vendor Before Renting

It doesn’t matter how well-planned your event is. The failure of a single piece of equipment has the potential to send everything crashing down like a house of cards. Come to think of it, sourcing for equipment can be likened to looking for a contractor for your home. You have to do a thorough interview to make sure that you’re getting quality equipment. You also need to ask about client references and insurance, as well as iron out troubleshooting and replacement costs . What questions should you ask your potential event vendor to get a glitch-free event?

How About Some More Greenery For Your Events?

We’re not really talking plants, but that could work too. Pantone has just unveiled its color for 2017: a green shade aptly named “Greenery”. They chose it with good reason as they think that the shade is invigorating and refreshing. It’s here to remind us of the basics in a world filled with fast-paced technology. This article gives us ideas on how to best utilize this shade. Use it in as backdrops ala Rio Olympics, or bathe in green lighting like in a pre-Oscars party.

Event Ideas Straight From The Experts

The events industry is thrives on new ideas. If you want to stay at the forefront of the evolution of events, you need to have the top blogs on your reading list. These blogs cater to people to everyone in events, from students to top-gun professionals. Subscribe to these 15 must-read event blogs which, of course, includes yours truly.

How Will Hotels Be in 2017?

Hotels are indispensable in events. Whether as venues or as guests lodging (or both), organizers have to get the best deal with hotels to make their events successful. However, experts do not exactly predict a stellar 2017 for the hotel industry. Some consider this uncertainty might lead to the industry’s downturn. Others believe that the current trend of stability will continue. Check out these views and how your events could be affected by the hotel industry next year.

The Top 50 Event Professionals and How You Can Learn From Them

Amplify is an events agency that added nine accounts to its already impressive portfolio this year. This acquisition included AirBnb, Method, and a lot more. Jonathan Emmins, the founder of Amplify, was thus crowned as the top events professional for the year in Event Magazines Christmas party. Along with him were 99 other top personalities, a quarter of whose profiles are collated in this article. Click around and see how the individual qualities of each person influenced their success in the field of events.

Copying The Big Guns: Adapting Big Strategies for Small Businesses

Big companies have everything. They have solid followings, a steady stream of resources, and successful event campaigns. But there is one big advantage of a small business: flexibility. This article takes you through seven big companies and their events strategies. From Coca-Cola’s video campaigns to Starbucks’ use of influencers, use whatever you learn here and be a top player yourself.

Instagram Live Goes Live — Are You Ready To Tap into It?

Instagram Live gives your events even more urgency than before. The platform’s new offering rolled out to all users in the US starting December 12. One glaring fact about the new platform is that it does not allow for replays. Instead, all videos will disappear after it has been broadcast. This allows you to create truly exclusive events that leave nothing but the influence of its contents behind. An Android and iOS update is expected soon to cater to mobile devices, which will drive the usage of the app for events even more.



More than watching event industry trends, it’s important to never lose sight of the purpose of your event. Keep this goal in mind when adopting a new strategy if you want to create a lasting impact with your events. What are your newest strategies for next year? Shout out in the comments below!

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