In more than two years of weekly writing on our event blog, we’ve had a handful of posts stand out above the rest… For the last 120 weeks, we’ve published a weekly post on this event blog. Just as our sign-up form says, we want to give you the trips, secret tips and trends that help make your events rise above the rest. So we’ve compiled our most popular, shared and controversial posts of all time. We did this for three reasons:

  • To give new readers an easy “digest” of posts to start with.
  • To give long-time readers an appendix of important posts to revisit when they become more relevant to them.
  • To try and get a better sense of what works and what doesn’t.

What we’ve found is that generally, the posts on this list have one of these two characteristics:

  1. They challenge the status quo of the events industry
  2. They solve a problem that event and meeting planners have to deal with every day

It was fun looking back and putting this list together of our top event blogs, and we hope it’s as helpful for you as it was for us.

2016 Meeting and Event Trends for Event Planners

2016 Meeting and Event Trends for Event Planners

What is the topic on everyone’s lips every single year and every single day in the events industry? Trends. Event planners and meeting planners crave to be in the know and want to be ahead of the curve on what is trendy and new. We publish a yearly article where we review the top trends we think will happen in the next year and then review them the following year to see if they came true.

Event Technology Trends You Need To Know

Top 5 Event Technology Trends You Need To Know

Speaking of event trends. We saw the same topic arise when it comes to event technology. With how fast technology is moving we wanted to provide a go-to guide of the newest tech trends and how to stay on watch for them.

Uber’s $100M Settlement Will Change The Event Industry

Uber's $100M Settlement Will Change The Event Industry

This was by far our most controversial blog post ever written and the newest arrival to the list. We wanted to create a brief guide to how to navigate W-2 vs 1099 when it comes to paying your staff. The entire article was created to raise awareness to the issue that Uber (and many other companies) are getting in trouble for, paying your employees as subcontractors when they should be really paid as W-2 employees.

Projection Mapping in Events: What You Need to Know

Projection Mapping in Events- What You Need to Know

One of the hottest technologies in events, and we created the what you need to know guide when it comes to projection mapping. Find out how much it costs and what is involved with doing this elaborate yet jaw-dropping effect at your next event.

3 Best Event Lighting Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

Event Lighting Ideas

At Endless, we try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to all AV and event production technologies, so we wanted to share our favorite most wild event lighting ideas that we had not seen many people use at their events.

How To Create Your Event Budget

Creating an Event Budget

So a lot of our content is designed for the most experienced planner however, occasionally we write introductory content for the planner that is just getting started. We all have to start somewhere right? By far one of our highest ranked articles on Google so when you google “How To Create An Event Budget” this is the go to guide to starting one. Sure, it’s not 100% comprehensive but it’s a place to start.

How to Email Busy People & Not Get Ignored

How to Email Busy People & Not Get Ignored

Occasionally we write content that is not related to events but we know will be helpful. As event planners, we spend hundreds of hours per year writing emails so this guide provides a quick guide to sending emails to busy people and not getting ignored. Who likes to get ignored right?

What Is The Best Quality of An Event Manager?

What Is The Best Quality of An Event Manager

At Endless, we hire a lot of event staff and we also work with a lot of event managers. So we wanted to provide a look into what we think the best quality of an event manager was. This post ended up getting thousands of shares in LinkedIn groups across the world as people debated on what they thought was the best quality.

Top 12 Holiday Gifts For Event Planners

Best Event Planner Gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? We decided to write what we thought were our top 12 gift ideas for your next event planner. I mean, if this accidently slipped into your significant other’s inbox, that’s not so subtle right?

5 Grand Entrance Ideas That Will Make Your Event Irresistible

5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresistible

Last but not least, by far one of our most popular articles is our guide to 5 grand entrance ideas to wow your guests. The entrance is the first thing most of your guests will see, so why not make it grand? We provide some ideas to get you started!


We Hope These Posts Are Valuable To You

It’s been an amazing journey sharing our experiences every week for the last few years, and we’re excited to keep going. We hope that this post helps some of you catch up on what you’ve missed, or revisit some things that are more relevant to you now.


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