Endless Entertainment Moves Into New Office

Endless Entertainment has moved into a new office located in Tempe, Arizona. Minutes away from the Arizona State University Tempe Campus, Endless Entertainment’s new space reflects the energetic and creative company culture they work in. Complete with bright lime green walls, and open space to work in, the staff is excited to be in the new space!

New Address: 943 South 48th Street, Suite 126, Tempe, AZ 85281

Where the magic happens is the dedicated client meeting room where our staff works you to uncover how to create the most awesome events possible. We encourage all of our clients to come in and talk to us anytime!

Around the office you will find signs that say “Crush The Box” and “Core Values”, no this isn’t something from Ironman or Hulk, but instead it reminds the staff what we are all about. Endless Entertainment’s mantra, “Crush The Box” insists that we don’t think outside of the box, but instead, crush it!

As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull man. So the office is complete with a massive projector screen complete with a Playstation 3 for small game breaks and movie nights. The staff votes on the official office music using the Soundrop service, and we can constantly stay on top of what music is hot.

In the back, there is a spacious warehouse which is home of all the awesome technology and tools we use to build the best dance events in the universe. This includes lighting, sound, video, and all of the trussing equipment. Soon this space will be filled from floor to ceiling with massive club systems.

So come stop by the new home, we would love to talk to you and show you around!

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