Create Successful Social Media Campaigns Through Live Video, Vibrant Designs, and Facebook Marketing [Einsteins’ Favorites]

Create Successful Social Media Campaigns Through Live Video, Vibrant Designs, and Facebook Marketing [Einsteins’ Favorites]

Best practices are sometimes hard to come by. There are just so many of them that it becomes hard to measure just what works and what doesn’t. This is true for the events industry as well, where there are both hard-and-fast rulesand  cutting-edge techniques. To help you out, here are some of the strategies you could use in improving your events game, filtered from the best practices of successful players.

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FunkoFunko’s Success Demonstrates The Value Of Vision, Diversity, And Uniqueness

Funko’s cute pop culture action figures have taken the collectibles world by storm. If there is a pop culture character, regardless of which universe it fits in, Funko will have it. Little do people know that beneath that raging success is a broad spectrum of contracts with different companies, 175 in all. This gives them access to more than 10,000 characters, catering to millions of fans. This has become possible through a team that values vision, uniqueness, reputation, and courage above all. PS: Funko is also one of our clients!

star10 Holiday Tips For Facebook Success

Christmas is coming, and aside from good cheer, the season is also rife with opportunity. Events come left and right, and you need only to tap into the holiday rush through the magic of Facebook. These ten tips help you do just that, giving practical information on activities like creating a comprehensive content calendar, using visual content, sharing your story, and more. By doing these, you land in the sights of those who need an event for the holidays.

unleash-your-creativity3 Design Tools to Make Your Social Media Images Pop

Visuals are extremely important in any social media campaign, but not everyone can hire a graphic design expert. The good news is, anyone can use these three tools to help even a notice create stunning social media images. This list features Canva, DesignBold, and (surprise!) Google Slides. The article lists how to create images from scratch, as well as gives you important tips in maximizing the efficiency of these designs. There are even GIFs for easier learning. Do you know the best color to use in creating your images? How about adding your custom logo to your final design? This article will show you all these and more.

emailEquip Your Email With Sniper-Like Precision Through These Techniques

Military personnel are known for their precision, and this extends to things such as email writing. Emails are important correspondence, and one’s email-writing skills can spell the difference between life and death (sometimes). In this article, you will find a rundown of the things that your writing should always contain, while also giving you tips on how to phrase them appropriately. How do you use keywords? What is a BLUF? How do you get across messages as succinctly as possible?

live-streaming-appsHere’s Why Instagram Live Will Be Your Next Live Broadcasting Platform

Move over Facebook Live, Instagram Live is here! The Facebook subsidiary has just released some news that will forever change the way the platform is used. With this, the company is trying to take over the grounds held by its two live-sharing competitors: Twitter and Snapchat. Stories can now be live-streamed, and even live video can be shared. This article gives you a rundown on the salient features of Instagram live, while also giving you ways on how to maximize this for your events platform. A quick live video showcasing just how great your events turned out to be? Instagram Live can just be your new companion.

event-marketingThrowback: Events Planning, Then And Now

Remember what a Rolodex is? This used to be an important tool for gathering and organizing information for events… twenty-ish years ago. Today, we have applications that automate this for us. Remember the days of the home phone? Today, anyone can be reached anywhere with cellphones. These are just some of the progress we made in events planning within the last 20 years. Read more about it in this article, and take a look at the lessons learned with the progress.

live videoNot Using Live Video Yet? Here’s Why You Should

Video is the ultimate visual expression, and visuals are the most powerful social media drivers. And there is nothing more impactful than a video showing you what is happening now. If your events do not have any live online presence, you are missing out on one of the greatest opportunities. Aside from creating a more powerful online campaign, you can also use live video to showcase your team and your affiliates, along with your happy customers. Learn more about using live video for your events in this article.

improve-morning-routineYou Should Take Breaks Every Hour And A Half, And Here’s Why

The events industry is a very hectic field, fueled by the perpetual motion of its organizers. But did you know that you should take breaks at least every 90 minutes? This Lifehacker article introduces the concept of BRAC or Basic Rest Activity Cycle. It juxtaposes this sleep-related cycle to your waking hours, showing how it can be useful in plotting your rest for a more energetic work.

sunday morningWhat Do You Do In Sunday Mornings? You Should Use This Time For Work

No one likes working during weekends, but the events industry knows no limits. That said, Sundays just tend to be slower as most people work lax. However, what if you can use those slow Sunday mornings to your advantage? This article highlights how basic psychology can make your Sunday morning work become one of your most successful moments of the week. From working faster than everyone else to having a different perspective on things, Sunday brings on the magic especially for event planners.

cross-cultural-eventsOne Writer’s Advice: Give More If You Want To Get More In Work And Life

The world is full of counterintuitive advice that works even when it goes against logic and common sense. One such outrageous suggestion is that in order to receive more in life, be it success or money, you need to give more. This writer proves the adage true and talks about his struggles on his way to the top. Read about how he broke away from porn, wrote on an empty stomach, and how to give more in the most effective way.



What goes into your events strategy? With the holidays approaching, you have the most fertile ground to test what works best among the tactics you’ve chosen from our shared articles above. What are you waiting for? Broader horizons await!

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