Just like in real estate, an event’s success or failure owes much to its location. So make sure to create an event venue checklist that will help you choose the best place for your attendees.

You can’t go wrong with the best event venues like the San Diego Convention Center and Orange County Convention Center. For smaller shindigs, pick a modern venue that will fit your cultural, gastronomical, and technical needs. Read about these and more in this week’s Einstein’s Favorites.

PS: If you need a fuller events planning checklist, we’ve got you covered.

event venue checklistSee How Brands Owned Comic-Con 2017

Comic Con is one of the biggest and oldest conventions around, gathering international crowds since the 1970s. How do brands in Comic-Con manage to stand out and attract people? By pulling stunts, of course! This year, the sponsors expanded their reach to cover even the streets and event the attendee’s lodgings. From creating virtual realities, life-sized coloring books, and even a Viking funeral, these brands teach us just how to own such huge crowds. We must not forget one of the best brands in Comic-Con: Funko! Watch our interview with Mike Becker, Funko’s founder, as he tells the story of the company’s beginnings and their rise to worldwide prominence.

event venue checklistThe 2017 Event Technology Awards Shortlist

This year’s Event Technology Awards (ETA) highlights over 100 companies in 28 categories, with entrants coming in from as far as Russia and New Zealand. This year’s potential award recipients will be chosen in large part based on how they’ve changed the industry with their innovations. Over the next few weeks, the shortlist for the ETA People’s Choice category will also be released, revealing the pool of talents from which the awards of the November 9 East London event will be drawn.

event venue checklistHow to Build High Tech + High Touch Solutions

Have you noticed how event attendees are glued to their screens? We’re moving from an age of meeting face-to-face to just interacting over FaceTime and Facebook. Thankfully, the ASU GSV Summit set out to do something about it. Instead of simply enticing the guests to take selfies and post them on social media, they encouraged making selfie videos to introduce yourself. There was also a hub that featured social media walls, one that showed updates on ongoing sessions, and another screen where the session videos could be viewed. These examples allowed users to get their tech fix without sacrificing physical engagement.


event venue checklistBoost Your Customer Service Game with Event Software

At the very core of your events is the fact that each attendee is a customer. As the organizer, you have to provide them with the best service possible. Easier said than done, right? Thankfully, event tech has matured enough that each step can be augmented by a smart system, which does all the menial, repetitive work. It allows professionals to concentrate more on understanding their customers and delivering the best experience within the event.

event venue checklistWatch Out For These Event Trends This 2017

The year might be nearly over, but that isn’t stopping new trends from popping up on our radar. Event tech, for one, is no longer a disruptor but now an expected part of every event. What’s new is that the battlefield now lies in the application of such technology. The “millennial” stereotype is also fast breaking down, prompting events to take its attendees more as individuals instead of as piles of demographics. These all have deep impacts for the industry, ushering in new trends as time goes by.

What Should You Look For in a Modern Venue?

Being “modern” isn’t just about using trendy tech. It’s also about the experience your event brings. A modern venue isn’t one that provides a cookie-cutter approach to each occasion. Instead, it should be flexible enough to adapt to events, from changing floor plans to exciting menus. The venue also shouldn’t isolate the attendees in a bubble. The event goers should feel the culture of the city they’re in. Finally, it should provide consistent quality and support across all aspects of the event, so that the experience stands out. Read on to find out more about what you should look for in a modern venue.

event venue checklistNine Of The Most Awesome Convention Centers

Convention centers are favorite event venues for their versatility, but even among them, there are those that simply stand out. From North America to Europe,  Asia, and the Middle East, there are awesome venues that you should check out for your events. There are the classics, such as the San Diego Convention Center that houses the annual Comic-Con. Then there’s the immense Orange County Convention Center that spans more than 7 million square feet including the grounds! If you want something more private, Denmark’s Tivoli Congress Center has 40,000 square feet that could suit your every need. Check out this list to learn about the other smashing venues!


event venue checklistAttention is the Next Frontier For Big Data and AI

Attention is now the most important resource online. Proof of this would be the several thousands of algorithms that try to decipher each of our preferences. Companies are trying to understand what we want as well as serve to us what we wish to see in the form of ads. They are using artificial intelligence and big data to figure out how each of us ticks. It’s a bit scary that machines can know more about us than we do. Read on to find out how AI is affecting what we consume online.

event venue checklistSocial Media Trends You Need to Know Now

We’ve gone over a lot of trends these past weeks, including how social media is changing the landscape of events. It’s useful to know which of these truly matter and what we need to look out for in the coming months. A few of the top trends are the rise of Facebook Messenger, the strong domination of video consumption, and the emergence of social ads. How are you using these trends in your strategy? Check out this guide to learn more.

event venue checklistYour LinkedIn Profile Should NOT Have These Things

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, where you can just say and show anything and everything you find interesting. This professional network needs a refined touch through posting relevant insights. That means removing all endorsements and experiences that don’t build your personal brand. It also means expunging low-quality images from your profile and feed. And yes, writing in the third-person is also a no-no. It’s your own profile after all!



Okay, that was a lot to digest! We have so much to learn each day as event planners but have so little time to spend. What are your techniques for making sure you’re always learning and staying ahead?

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