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Coolest Event Entertainment Ideas for 2015

By February 12, 2015 3 Comments

Whether you’re kicking off your week-long sales conference and need to get everyone on the edge of their seat or you’re hosting a gala and you need to impress hundreds of donors- these event entertainment ideas are sure to impress. I think I’ve talked enough and now it’s time to show you these amazing event entertainment ideas for your next event.

Electric String Quartet

We’ve all heard of cover bands but have you ever heard of a cover electric string quartet? With music, it’s always good to breathe familiarity with the music otherwise people will get bored. People crave to sing along and dance to something they know. However, sometimes it can be insanely expensive to get the actual artists to your event. A great affordable way to have familiarity but not lose an arm and a leg for your event is cover artists. Having a group who plays electric string cover songs is a great way to have fun popular songs at your event while maintaining a formal vibe to your event. Plus, with the use of wireless microphone transmitters, these artists can now walk around the crowd and play from anywhere in your venue.

Live Sand Artist

In the past few years, live painters have exploded onto the event entertainment scene. Combining traditional art with elements such as music and other visuals has caught the attention of audiences around the world. Painting has been done, so how about sand art? In 2009, Kseniya Simonova won Ukraine’s Got Talent competition with her amazing ability to create art on the fly with sand. The Youtube video of her performance on Ukraine’s Got Talent has over 38 million views. With the help of a document camera and a gigantic video screen, audiences of all sizes can enjoy this incredible live creation in front of them.

LED Dance Crew

Some of the most recently innovations of event entertainment have found a way to combine technology with entertainment. iLuminate is no exception, as they have combined amazing LED light programming with dance. Donning black suits with color-changing LEDs on them that allow them to create amazing, jaw-dropping illusions keep audiences captivated from beginning to end (and keep them talking for years to come). Another talent competition winner, they are famous for the sixth season of America’s Got Talent where they finished in third place. The team is available to do custom performances featuring company logos and more so if you’re looking for futuristic, this could be for your event.

Video Mapping Dancers

Another example where innovation of technology has created a new form of entertainment is in video mapping. If you do not know what video mapping is, we recommend one of our previous blogs on the topic. Now there is a dance group that has fused video mapping with their dance performance. This creates spectacular visuals which keep audiences visually entertained and since the only limit is imagination with video mapping, you can create a longer show with various elements. The only thing you need is a team who can do the video mapping and the projectors to make the video mapping happen, the team will take care of all of the video mapping and technical production for you.

The-Lords-Of-LightningUnique Show With Lightning

Last but not least, we wanted to bring you the coolest event entertainment we’ve seen since sliced bread. This event entertainment idea is a mix of science, technology, and a bit of crazy “whoa”. Carlos Van Camp is like the modern day Tesla using electricity and lightning from Tesla coils to amaze, awe and entertain audiences to the edge of their seats. We promise if you have this at your event, it is truly one of a kind and will keep people talking for years to come.

At Endless, we’re always looking for innovative entertainment ideas (entertainment is in our name, after all). Over the past few years, we’ve found some really cool ideas that we wanted to share with you all for your next event. If you ever need more ideas, feel free to reach out to us and we’d be glad to help!

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  • Andrew Green

    As a professional magician I am constantly looking at new an innovative ideas to create amazing performances. The Video Mapping Dancers are just insane. Thanks for sharing this.

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

    Andrew Green Close Up Magician and Illusionist http://www.modernmysteries.co.uk

  • David Clark

    Some really cool ideas here! I think their so many great corporate entertainment packages out there it’s tough to choose! Sometimes it can be really fun, purely based on where the event is held! My company attended a corporate day out on a yacht last year – so much fun!

  • Mandy Davies

    I went to a corporate retreat in Oxfordshire recently at http://aynhoepark.co.uk/exclusive-hire/corporate-retreats/ – honestly one of the best experiences i’ve had in a long time!

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