Color Changing Inflatable Balls For Events

By August 3, 2012Event Inspiration

This is one of our favorite interactive items for an event in the entire world, and they are called the Zygote Interactive Balls.

Zygote is a large, lightweight, helium filled, inflatable ball that responds to motion through human touch. Tap it, bounce or punch it and the Zygote Ball reacts by changing colour as it floats through the air.

Zygotes are perfect for concerts, promotions or any event with a large energetic crowd. They transform the space into a multi-dimensional, interactive playground, and create a shared experience.

Zygote Interactive Balls

More complex interaction is also possible. In real time, the crowd can affect music, and video or graphics shown on venue screens by simply interacting with Zygotes. The balls can also be preset to show specific patterns of coloured light. A ‘live light mix’ at the venue using wireless control is also possible.

Whatever the option, Zygotes are capable of generating an almost infinite number of color combinations.

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