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Top 2017 Trends For Event AV & Technology To Be The Most Successful Event Planner

Top 2017 Trends For Event AV & Technology To Be The Most Successful Event Planner

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Did you know that 29% of Americans say their phone is the first and last thing they look at every day? People are always connected and are continuing to grow into a technology dependent reality.

Undoubtedly, as people grow their personal lives into the technology realm, they expect their professional and social lives to follow in suit. Due to this quickly changing way of life, it is crucial that events stay up to date with the latest and greatest. Below I will outline the top 2017 trends for event AV & technology to be the most successful event planner. Read More

2017 Event Trends

2017 Event Trends That Will Grant Your Events An Edge Next Year

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When creating an event experience, you want it to be a memorable, unique and amazingly awesome. That’s where this year’s 2017 Event Trends roundup comes in. Add these new technologies, strategies and activities into your planning as early as now to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t forget to use our free event planning checklist and make your life 10x easier when encorporating these trends. So you might be wondering what are the top trends? Well, here they are:

  1. Share Event Experiences With Anyone, Anywhere Through Mixed Reality
  2. Make The Physical Feel Digital Via On-Demand Services, Touch Tech, and More
  3. Increase Engagement Via Artificial Intelligence
  4. Deliver Exemplary Event Experiences
  5. Make Better Decisions Through Real-Time Data
  6. Let Participants Run The Show
  7. Hold Events In Non-Traditional Locations
  8. Leave A Positive Message
  9. Create Personalized Experiences

So now you know the trends, let’s dive deep into each one and hear from industry experts on why each is such a huge trend. Read More

2016 Meeting and Event Trends for Event Planners

2016 Meeting and Event Trends for Event Planners

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Whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing looking at trends from 2016?! That time has already passed! Be sure to look at our guide to 2017 Event Trends right here!

The events and meeting planning industry is constantly changing. As planners it is our job to know what are the newest trends so we can provide the most ideal attendee and client experience possible. Each year, we cover the top trends that are affecting the events industry and share our predictions for the next year. Want to see what our predictions were for 2015? Read our blog post from last year which we cover the top meeting and event trends. You didn’t come here for last year’s predictions though, so without any delay, here are our top predictions for 2016. Read More

2015 Event Color Trends Attendees Will Love

2015 Event Color Trends Attendees Will Love

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If you want your event to stand out, there’s one thing you need to be aware of: color. It’s the first thing attendees see when they enter a room. Embracing event color trends can make sure they start to get the message right away, according to Kate Smith, a chief color expert at Sensational Color consulting firm. For a corporate event, it can be the difference between everyone constantly checking their phones and them being totally immersed in the atmosphere and more tuned into what’s going on.

With the event’s message in mind, you can pick a color scheme to match. While it’s a good idea to incorporate the company’s logo colors into the design so people are constantly reminded of why they’re there in the first place, it’s also important to pick shades that represent what you want people to feel about your message and what kind of info they walk away knowing.

Passionate reds stand for action, newness, and power while a placid blue signals peace and stability. It’s called color psychology, and marketing professionals already know all about it. You should take a page out of their book and consider the moods each color provokes. Read More

Corporate Meetings Are Leveraging Entertainment to Shore Up Employee Morale

Corporate Meetings Are Leveraging Entertainment to Shore Up Employee Morale

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Corporate Meetings: Two words can serve as inspiration or dread. In an effort to drum up employee support and invigorate sales efforts, companies do what they can to keep their staff engaged in their identity, their values, and their products. But, usually… they fail. From boring 1,000+ person conference calls to the yawn-worthy theater style seated presentation (not everyone can make a power point be as thrilling as Apple’s product announcements), there are endless stories of meetings gone awry.

The companies that know how to maximize their employees time while also cultivating loyalty for their brand are the ones that understand the basic human need for engagement. Check out some of the ways that companies are creating unique experiences using entertainment to shore up employee morale. Read More

2015 Meeting and Event Planning Trends

2015 Meeting and Event Trends for Event Planners

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Want to see the 2016 event trends? Read our predictions for the 2016 event trends!

Each year the experts break out the crystal ball and predict what will be new and innovative event trends in the upcoming year. The meeting and event industry is especially exciting. The rate at which technology changes, and event trends develop is staggering. In general, some new developments will help planners plan better, be more creative and engage attendees more. Other developments will help venues and other stakeholders. In this post, I’m addressing a handful of predictions that stand out. Read More

Instagram to Screen Live Feeds Growing in Popularity

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Instagram has exploded with popularity in the past couple of years, particularly with the younger demographic. It provides users with a simple interface with which they can upload, edit, and share photos (and now videos) in real time. As event professionals, utilizing this massively popular app to boost interaction and increase marketing reach at your events can do wonders. Instagram to screen tools are a fantastic way to help turn this into an easy reality at your next event. Read More

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