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Motorized Video Projection Mapping at Adobe MAX 2014

Motorized Video Projection Mapping at Adobe MAX 2014

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How do you capture the attention of an audience and mesmerize them from the second the first person takes the stage to the last person leaving? Try two large 27-foot  by 30-foot periaktoi (imagine two large polygons) mapped completely by video content. At Adobe MAX 2014, they sought to be the first large-scale attempt to project onto a large piece of moving scenery at a large corporate conference. This left audiences with their jaws completely on the floor and possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of visual design ever seen at a corporate event. Read More

Stunning LED Furniture That Will Wow

Stunning LED Furniture That Will Wow

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Imagine walking onto the field of your favorite teams stadium for a dinner of extravagant proportions. The tables are set, bars are open, and there is a call over the PA asking everyone to take their seats*. Suddenly, the lights go out like its Super Bowl 2013. In a flash the seat you are sitting on lights up to match the color of your companies brand – then the tables – then the bars. Read More

Get Out of the Boardroom- 5 Offsite Meeting Spaces

Get Out of the Boardroom: 5 Offsite Meeting Spaces

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We all know about that meeting room in the office. The one that is used for brainstorming sessions, conference calls, board meetings, baby showers, and probably more naps than you can even imagine. This hotbed of creativity and innovation is… well…. not. Consider one of these unique offsite meeting spaces that will energize your next corporate meeting.

A Few Offsite Meeting Spaces to Consider

1) Hitting a Homerun

Bringing together the leaders of your company can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be a boring one. Most Sporting stadiums and arenas have great clubroom space or suites that can double as a boardroom for groups of 10 to 50 or more. With views of the field, high-quality catering, and cost saving “down seasons”, these venues are sure to impress your team. Read More

5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresistible

5 Grand Entrance Ideas That Will Make Your Event Irresistible

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If someone ever told you that grand entrances are indulgences reserved only for bad reality shows on MTV and Disney cartoon princesses, they are probably just unfortunate victims of a limited imagination. As with everything in life, first impressions count. In the lives of marketers, impressions are what make the world spin, and a visually stimulating event entrance can make an unforgettable first impression. Here’s our favorite grand entrance ideas. Read More

16 Creative Lamp and Chandliers To Inspire Your Event Lighting

16 Creative Lamps and Chandeliers To Inspire Your Event Lighting

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In the words of Brick from Anchorman, “I love lamp.” Sometimes the best inspiration for events come outsides of the events industry. This is why we have decided to bring you 16 creative lamp and chandeliers to inspire your event lighting. We want to send a huge shout out to BoredPanda for inspiring us (ironically) to create this post. So without further adieu, we’d like to present you with our pick for these awesome lighting fixtures to make your next event lighting amazing.  Read More

Memorable Events Kabuki Drop CO2 Blast Flash Mob

3 Elements of Surprise to Reveal To Create A Memorable Event

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One of the most powerful tools you have on your event planning toolbelt is the element of surprise; surprises are scientifically proven as one of the best ways to engage a crowd or audience, as “novelty enhances memory.” Who doesn’t want to attend a memorable event, am I right?

With this said, we want you to have the most memorable events and feel responsible for providing you with the inspiration and tools necessary to have memorable events. Below you will find 3 wild ideas that include (SPOILER ALERT) a kabuki drop, a CO2 Blast, and a flash mob! Read More

Hosting Holiday Events

6 Steps for Hosting Killer Holiday Events

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There are so many special memories to be had during the holidays; we get to use the excuse of Thanksgiving or Christmas, New Years or Hanukkah to share moments with family and friends and there is no better way to connect with those who are close to us than with holiday events, personal or corporate! So, let’s say you have decided to be the brave soul to take on the challenge of putting on the one of many holiday events during the season for your network, you have X number of RSVPs and your event marketing is taken care of, thanks to our recent blog post on the 4 Mandatory Event Marketing Tips, what next? Read More

Event Lighting Ideas

3 Best Event Lighting Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

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Event lighting is arguably one of the best ways to make your event an exciting and memorable one; it has the power to make or break the audiences’ experience at a corporate event, dance, awards ceremony, and more! Along with being one of the greatest ways to get your attendees talking about your event and sharing pictures amongst their social networks for months after, event lighting is easily the most fun for event designers and lighting engineers to get creative with! Keep reading if you want to see some crazy ideas to drop the jaws of the attendees at your next event using creative event lighting! Read More

video mapped mural - event decor

Event Decor: 3 Unique Ideas to “Wow” Your Attendees

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Though every event is different and may have varying themes, there are a few trends that are just recently breaking ground in the events industry that, we believe, has room in nearly any themed event! One of the largest, overarching trends, however, is interactive designs and layouts. With that said, we will be observing several different interactive event decor that includes event murals and chalk boards. Crazy, right? Read More

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