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Best Event Talks: Trends In Event Design by David Merrell [VIDEO]

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Do you know what’s in and what’s out when it comes to event design? We know that you’d like to be on top of the latest trends so we figured this week’s Best Event Talk would fit in perfectly.

Joining us is David Merrell of AOO Events, though you’d probably know him better as the founder of DesignDawgs or maybe from his numerous speaking engagements through the years. He’s held several local and international leadership positions in the International Special Events Society (better known as ISES).

In this talk, Merrell talks about the trends of event design. In his view point, the biggest thing affecting event design in the coming years is technology. The surge of mobile apps will make events like weddings easier and flashier, helping the couple create out-of-the-box content without the high price tag attached.

He also says that while a lot of new technologies are coming out, people won’t be spending like crazy as in the years before. This purposeful spending means that any new technology used in events will deliver the “message” of that event effectively.

He also sees that conversations, enhanced with apps and connectivity, are becoming a focus for events. People want to connect with the speakers as well as to each other, so design your events accordingly.

As to specific event design trends, he sees that gay weddings will influence the industry a lot in the years to come. It’s a huge opportunity to capture this affluent market that’s willing to spend to outdo most traditional weddings.

Merrell also shares his hard lessons learned that made his business survive, his biggest mistake, and how to secure the revenue of an events company during a bad time. Watch the video and see just what we’re talking about!

PS: While this interview was made around mid-2014, the content is still very much relevant today. Thankfully, event design isn’t as frenetic in pace as the fashion industry when it comes to trends.

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