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Best Event Talks: Amazing Creatures That Live Without Electricity or Food by Theo Jansen [VIDEO]

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Showcasing the curiosity of human creativity, Theo Jansen displays his autonomously moving, man-made creatures in this week’s feature of Best Event Talks. Something to keep in mind while enjoying this mind-bending concept, introduced by Jansen, is the power of creativity and the human’s ability to conceptualize something outside the realm of existence, in its moment of inception. Theo calls his creatures “animals” and draws inspiration from a science-fiction perspective on animals and man-made transportation methods, wheels. Yes, this Best Event Talk features an idea that is completely unrelated to the events industry, but we can all speculate on the source of our own creativities and be inspired by one man’s ability to innovate a completely new species of animal. So, by all means, upon watching this Best Event Talk, spend the afternoon ideating and brainstorming something that will capture your imagination, conceptualize an idea that pertains to your aspirations and dream of how you can add some color and creativity to your workplace, career, personal life, and so on. Also, if you missed last Best Event Talk post, watch Daniel Pink’s “Drive” and understand the secrets to motivation.

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