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Best Event Talks: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain [VIDEO]

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Yes, there are event planners who are introverts. Introverts excel in getting the details right, from picking the best minute to start an event to choosing the right pre-dinner drinks. So those meticulously planned events people talk about a lot? It’s likely that an introvert made that happen.

Despite this, our world still prefers people to be outgoing and social. In fact, school and work push us to be gregarious and seems to think that being quiet and timid is a negative trait. That doesn’t sit right with us since many people in our team are actually introverts. While some of us can be the life of the party, a few are also the strong, silent type that gets things done.

That’s why we’ve chosen this week’s Best Event Talk from author Susan Cain, to change that way of thinking in our own small way. Here, she talks about how creativity often springs from quiet contemplation and solitude, and how our world is moving away from this and towards more group activity. Case in point is how many offices have embraced open floor plans, not an ideal environment for an introvert to think and work in.

She also shared how introversion did not mean shying away from the public. In fact, some of our most admired public leaders like Gandhi and Rosa Parks identified themselves as introverts. When an introvert believes in something, she will move heaven and earth to make that happen, even if it means doing scary and uncomfortable stuff like talking to strangers.

We’re inviting you to watch this talk to learn more about what makes introverts special and why we should “go to the wilderness” and become a bit introverted ourselves. For introverts, we also call on you to not just be a strong, silent type and start sharing more of yourselves with others, even if it’s scary and uncomfortable.

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