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Best Event Talks – Nightlife Design by VICE [VIDEO]

By December 7, 2014 2 Comments

In this week’s Best Event Talks, a group of 5 individual, creative designers dissect a venue for a particular nightclub in hopes of building their own ultimate nightclub experience. What makes this video so interesting for us, is that event planners and event production companies do the same thing that these multi-disciplined designers do, and that is creating an entire experience for attendees, regardless of venue or cause. If you need a friendly reminder as to why you do exactly what you do as an event planner, production specialist, or any other creative career, we recommend you watch this Best Event Talk, enjoy!

If you happened to have missed any previously published Best Event Talks, Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, Theo Jansen’s Amazing Creatures, and  Todd Hawkin’s How To Plan On A Budget and Still Be Innovative are all still waiting for you!

Are you an event planner or professional? I bet you would be curious to see the Top 5 Mistakes People Make That Will Ruin Your Event! Click the image below to get your copy so you can learn about these costly mistakes and how to avoid them!

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