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Best Event Talks: How Sampling Transformed Music by Mark Ronson [VIDEO]

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Best Event Talks: Week of December 8th

For those of you who have been following Endless Entertainment for a few years now, you may be aware that we were formerly known as AZ Pro DJs, a DJ company that transformed your dance or party experience through providing only the best of DJs. AZ Pro DJs has long since been forgotten about as we focus on the entire event production and event experience as Endless Entertainment, however, we still supply high end DJs for parties and events, or whatever else you would need a DJ for. This brings me to today’s Best Event Talks: Mark Ronson, an English musician, DJ, and music producer samples previous TED talks to create a groovy tune that almost everyone can enjoy. Immediately proceeding his performance, Ronson analyzes the history and impact of sampling and how it impacted the music scene since its inception to the world. Be sure to turn up the volume and do a quick stretch before you bust a move and enjoy this week’s Best Event Talks! Be sure to check out another article/documentary we did on “Everything Is A Remix” a few years ago!

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