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Best Event Talks: Finding Your Own Voice by Dave Grohl [VIDEO]

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The musician comes first. That was what Dave Grohl said in his SXSW keynote in 2013. I know you’ve heard about this before here since Neil Gaiman said as much about writers in one of our previous Best Event Talks.

Dave Grohl was the former drummer of Nirvana and now the lead vocals, guitarist and songwriter of Foo Fighters, with hits such as Everlong, Big Me, and My Hero. His talk at the SXSW was as inspiring as it was amazing. From 1983 when he discovered his love for music to today with Foo Fighters, Grohl describes his journey as the best times of his life.

Finding Your Own Voice

I laughed when he narrated the story on the 1990’s Top 10 Billboard and the chances of Nirvana cutting through that list. Surprisingly, they did and they owed it to being true to their music. Today, this music is called “grunge” and it’s made a lasting impression in the music industry. Even more so to many of us who grew up with their music in the 90’s.

Grohl’s journey has always been finding his own voice. It’s his key to success in the music industry. To him, whatever one wants to do and how one does any endeavor is not a matter of right or wrong, it’s a way of finding one’s ownership.

I feel it is the same with events management. In order for an event to be successful, you need to take accountability for whatever happens. From pre to post production, bits and pieces of your personality are injected to the event. Take pride in calling the event yours, owning it every step of the way

If you want sincerity and honest-to-goodness talk, then this is for you. And if a pick-me-up is what you need during your hectic event days, then listen to Grohl’s story below. Watch it and enjoy.

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