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Best Event Talks: How to Choose the Right AV Company by Will Curran [VIDEO]

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For some event planners, thinking about AV is like remembering a bad childhood memory. Is it because it’s too technical and nerdy for someone that’s creative? Maybe it’s the cost that can give you a mild heart attack. Or maybe you just hate dealing with bossy, know-it-all AV guys talking down on you.

Whatever it is, you can’t deny that you still need good AV to make your event a success. The question is, how do you choose the right AV company?

Here to help you is our very own Will Curran, president of Endless Entertainment, in this week’s Best Event Talk. Will’s passion for audio began in high school when he started DJ-ing for events. He turned this into a nationwide business, becoming the head of his own event production house handling such large-scale events as Color Run, Comicons, and X-Games.

Will says that you should always align your AV vendor with your goals. To you, it might be all just mics and speakers and lights. To the AV company though, each piece of equipment is a solution to a problem. The right AV company will explain the benefits of each piece of tech to your event, maybe even going further and matching the benefit with your event goals. If the AV guy shrugs and doesn’t help you understand the tech, that’s actually a red flag so be careful when hiring them.

The right AV company will also help you visualize how the AV setup will look like before it’s set up, by using computer-aided designs or CAD. It’ll answer some nagging question like which views will be blocked, which areas need to be off limits and the ideal placement of big equipment.

Will shares a lot more than that. He talks about why on-site meetings with the AV team are a must and what to do if you want AV to fit your budget. He’ll also clue you into the most important thing you need to do when hiring an AV company. Curious? Watch this video and learn all about choosing the right AV company.

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