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Best Event Talks: Should I Choose a DJ or a Band for Background Music? with Vinny Esposito [VIDEO]

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Have you ever walked into an event that didn’t have music? I don’t know about you, but the lack of background music makes me feel slightly uneasy. To me, every event should have some music playing even if it’s ever so soft, just to set the right mood.

In this week’s Best Event Talk, we’ll talk about music in events. Specifically, we’ll be trying to settle the age old question that has plagued many event planners: DJ or band?

Vinny Esposito of Split Second Sound speaks with Clarke Allen of Event Design Experience to settle this argument. Esposito says that in any event, music is important and must always be in tune with the purpose of the event. On top of the choice of music, the placement is equally important. For example, it needs to be softer in areas where conversations are happening, maybe even piped into the restrooms so people don’t miss out on the action.

Esposito goes on to say that while music is there to evoke the mood, there still needs to be someone physically present to engage the crowd personally. Often, it will be the organizer, but it can also be the performer whether he’s the DJ or part of the band.

So going back to the question: DJ or Band? If you want engagement, a band no doubt will get the room pumped up. The passion of musicians performing as well as working together in harmony is something every crowd appreciates. And yes, getting a group of people to play your jam is one of the best feelings out there.

On the other hand, versatility is the main draw of a DJ. An experienced DJ will use his compilation of probably tens of thousands of songs to set the correct background music for the right crowd. He might not be on the stage, but he’ll be able to change the mood to fit the time, the schedule and the speaker.

But what does an expert in event music like Esposito think? Does he choose DJ or band? Dive into the video to learn the answer.

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