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Best Event Talks: 33 Public Speaking Tips for Max Audience Engagement by Pat Flynn

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Public speaking, argh! Sure you can force me to introduce a guest or maybe tell everyone to line up properly for the buffet, but having to talk about something of substance in front of dozens of strangers makes me all tingly, but in an embarrassing way.

They say that public speaking trumps death as the number one fear. Well, it’s time to face those fears and there’s no better person to help us out than this week’s Best Event Talk speaker.

Pat Flynn is probably best known for his passive income blog, but he also does a lot of speaking engagements whether via live podcasts or through events. He’s an avid online entrepreneur and considers himself “the crash test dummy of online business” so that we can learn from his success (and mistakes).

In this talk, Flynn shares 33 tips to keep audience engagement during your talks. I’ll share with you the ones that I think are top tips most speakers overlook.

  1. Get cozy with the staff. Talk to the person who will introduce you so that they say what you want them to say, not just what they found on your LinkedIn. Get chummy with the technical guy; he’s your partner so your talk has zero glitches.
  2. Starting a talk is the hardest, but one way to ease into it is by doing something that removes the focus from you even for a bit. A short video or an activity are great for these.
  3. Get audience engagement through the roof. Even something as simple as asking them to raise their hands for an informal poll will help increase the chances of someone asking questions later on.
  4. Drink your fill of water 30 minutes before the talk. This gives you time to go to the bathroom and hydrates you during your talk. You don’t want that dry mouth to hit when you’re making an important point.

I won’t list the rest but what I will say is that you need to watch the entire video. All of the tips are really helpful in the usual Pat Flynn way. Enjoy!

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